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Best Hosting Service Providers for your WordPress Site



WordPress- an online content management platform that allows us to create a website without putting much effort. Platforms like WordPress has made our work quite easy for us have provides us freedom of creativity. But the most important and overlooked part of the WordPress site is its web hosting provider.

If you’re thinking of creating your own WordPress site then my friends you’re in luck today, because we have shortlisted the best web hosting service providers for you.

Why is well-managed hosting service provider necessary for the Websites?

  • For one thing, it plays a vital role to improve the SEO of the site
  • A well-managed web hosting service provider can immensely help to grow the sales and to generate better revenue
  • A good web hosting provider keeps your website and the software updated at all times, which is of great importance to the WordPress sites
  • An efficient web hosting provider can save your website from crashing due to the overflowing of traffic. And will do automatic scaling to keep you away from the unfortunate events of crashing.
  • Efficient web hosting providers always automatically backup to keep your data secure at all times
  • Benefits of a great web hosting service provider just don’t end here, but they also provide additional features like installing apps for free, free email accounts and website transfer, website builder service, free encryption certificates and many more.

These above-mentioned points definitely inform you why is a well-managed web hosting service provider is a necessity for the overall health of your website.

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We have gathered the best web hosting providers for you with the help of experts.

  1. BlueHost:

Bluehost- is one of the oldest players in the web hosting industry and started back in 1996. BlueHost actually earned himself the prominent name in the industry due to its great features and convenience provided to the clients. They are also the official recommendation of the WordPress.

What makes Bluehost so special to be the official recommendation of WordPress?

  • Bluehost would never let your site get slow, even with a rush of traffic coming in
  • Provides impeccable 24/7 email, phone and live chat support to provide you help at any hour of the day or the night

BlueHost Performance test results show that:

  • Website hosted by Bluehost has the minimum size of 660.5 kb
  • Loading time of the Bluehost hosted site under testation in Dallas was recorded to be 1.24 sec, whereas delay was seen in other location but it still was just the fraction of seconds.

BlueHost server did great in the United States and the website loader in the fraction of a second.

  1. WPX Hosting:

If you’re looking for a well-managed WordPress hosting then WPX hosting is the best choice of all the professionals. A great website is known for its speed, user-friendliness, interface etc. But speed is a core factor. No matter how beautiful or user-friendly your site is no one is going to wait more than 20 seconds for your website to load. WPX hosting provides the impeccable speeds and reliability.

Let’s see what WPX hosting serves us:

  • Loading time under testation was observed 1.97 seconds whereas in a few cases it was also observed to be near 3 seconds, but not more than that.
  • Daily back up of data to keep it secure
  • WPX plans provide email services
  • Highly technical support provided 24/7
  • WPX hosting also provides access to FTP and STP
  1. HostGator:

HostGator is also a big name in the web hosting industry and has facilitated around 8 million domains.

Let’s see what this sophisticated web hosting provider offers:

  • Guaranteed uptime of 99.99% and also provide you one credit back in case of downtime is experienced.
  • It also provides 45 days money back guarantee
  • The load time of the site hosted by HostGator was 61ms which is 94 times faster than the other hosting providers
  • It doesn’t offer free domain on signing up
  • Hostgator offers free migration for all the new accounts

If you’re creating your website for business purpose then HostGator is a smart choice.

  1. SiteGround:

SiteGround is another major entity of the web hosting industry and is being widely used all over the internet. Following features make SiteGround a major player in the industry:

  • It provides the highest uptime of 99.99%
  • 24/7 technical support available
  • It provides high-end service on all of its plans
  • It is the only web hosting provider which offers free security
  • It also offers free CDN and SSL certificates as an incentive
  1. Dreamhost:

Dreamhost has been around in the hosting industry for 18 years and has facilitated millions of domains. It emerges as a huge entity in a very short time span which makes it even more desirable to all the tech people.

Dreamhost offers:

  • It provides the great uptime of about 99.99%
  • The page load time with Dreamhost hosting is observed to be 4.61% faster than the average hosting providers
  • Up to the mark 24/7 support
  • It provides 97 days money back guarantee whereas most hosting providers only offer 45 days money back guarantee.
  • It also offers free day on downtime

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