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Best Exercise To Lose Belly Fat



Belly fast become a major source of concern for many people owing to the issues which arise as a result of obesity. For the last, so many years’ people have come up with different tips to reduce belly fat soon. Belly fat doesn’t just looks ugly but also deteriorates one’s personality. Belly fat can be reduced in many ways. It is important to learn how to Lose Belly Fat in 3 days.

It is important that we consider having a proper diet plan too. There is no one perfect exercise which can be stigmatized for our discussion. Every exercise has its own benefits and a different impact on the body. Let’s discuss different exercises through which belly fat can be reduced:


Looking forward to having tummy fat reduced really soon? Well, nothing burns belly fast as crunches. This position is probably the number 1 ranked position amongst the fat burning exercises.

  • Twist Crunches

Once you get used to the basic crunch exercise, it will then be modified a little bit to form a twisted crunch. It is better than around 3 sets of 15 takes are practiced. Side Crunch This exercise is almost same as twist crunch with the only difference that you will need to tilt your legs with the same side as your shoulders. Reverse Crunches This time you will need to tilt your legs in the direction of your shoulders. These crunches focus on the muscles of the sides of your body.

Vertical Leg Crunch

This type of crunches will call for lying flat on the floor and then extending the leg upwards. Bicycle Exercise You don’t need a bicycle to do this exercise, all you need is to put some extra effort in order to lose weight. Just lie on the floor and keep your hands by your sides. Imagine as if you are riding a bike and then start paddling.

Lunge Twist & Rolling plank exercise

Lunge walk is one of the most common exercises for belly fat reduction. In this exercise, all you will do is just walk randomly with one leg bend down and then the other one lifted up. Rolling plank is said to reduce weight really fast around the belly. Just have your elbows and knees resting on the ground with rest of the body lifted up.

Stomach Vacuum

This sort of exercise is basically done keeping in mind the breathing process rather than the heartbeat rate.

Side Bending

Stand straight with zero difference between both of your toes. Start bending to your left and right. This movement will gradually start making the sides of your body more flexible.

Cardio exercise

Cardio exercise to reduce weight Cardio exercise is the fastest way of burning excess fat. If you do cardio on a daily basis then you certainly will lose weight really fast. Walking An early morning walk is a great agent which helps you in reducing belly fat. Plan a 30 to 45 mint schedule of the early morning every day. Walking helps in staying fit.

Running & Jogging

In case you don’t want to get attached to any particular exercise routine then running is the best option that you have. Running every day will greatly help in reducing weight soon. Jogging is perhaps the lighter form of running. In case you can’t afford to have cramps in the legs at early stages then jogging is a better option.


This is an alternate form of cycling. People who like to stay fit rely heavily on swimming. Through this exercise, most of the pressure is exerted on the stomach which in turns allows the body to burn the excess fat.

Eat Right

This is the best exercise for your daily routine. If you can’t afford to pull out ample amount of time they have the right meals. Avoid excess amount of food and try to have a balanced diet.

Drink plenty of water early in the morning

A warm glass of water early in the morning with some drops of lemon is a great effortless exercise. People who drink warm water every day as a part of their routine, reduce weight real quick.

Say no to sugar

This is also an effortless exercise. It is better to say no to sugar for a few days in order to burn weight quick.

Never say no to breakfast

Breakfast has been regarded as the king of all diets. Most of the people who skip breakfast then continue to have their body turn to the starvation mode.

Eat less before going to bed

Knowing that you will need a long rest, for now, make sure that you eat less quantity for dinner. In case you have dinner after 6 then always make a routine of walking for sometime before going to bed.

Don’t take the stress

Hypertension can lead to depression which will eventually lead to obesity. This case is the most dangerous which is why it is better to avoid stress and relax as much as you can.

Why is obesity dangerous? Well as discussed in our previous blogs, there are many reasons why obesity is dangerous. First of all, it leads to heart problems and breathing issues. People who are obese tend to fall sick very often and cannot walk properly. Moreover, their physical appearance also suffers as a result. Obesity is a major issue which is being tackled all over the world. Every year millions of people die as a result of heart strokes, cardiac arrests, breathing issues and what not. A healthy and balanced diet during the day will lead to a person remaining fit and healthy. Well, you will need to put in some effort in order to reduce weight quick.

People who intend to lose belly fat really quick need to have their diet chart streamlined along with their workout routine. Belly fat looks very ugly and most of the people, who tend to have it despite a smart look, have their appearance depleted. The smarter a person is, the better it would be for him or her to have a healthy long life.