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Best ever ideas to monetise your YouTube account faster

How can you monetize your YouTube channel faster? Read about some suggestions that make the task easier and can make the channel breed money in a short time.



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YouTube is among the most promising platforms for earning online. It can earn you in millions if you work with the right approach on your videos. This platform has turned the lives of many people for good. In fact, there are also many out there who COMPLETELY depend on their YouTube channel and does not need to do a job to earn. Fortunately, they are doing well. 

Famous YouTubers of 2020 who earn in millions
YouTuber Earning
Dude Perfect $301,262
Like Nastya Vlog $258,493
TheOdd1sOut $168,022
Lele Pons $157,746
Liza Koshy $133,035

What made these YouTubers earn a HUGE amount of money? Yes, they all have their strategies, but there is one common thing between them all, and that is the RIGHT APPROACH.

To get your channel monetised faster, it is vital to follow all the rules and regulations, do’s and don’ts. If you are also in the desperate struggle to start earning money through a YouTube channel, apply these methods.

Keep the content 100% genuine

YouTube channel norms are very strict against the copied content. In the haste to earn a lot of money online, many people post copied content and then their channel gets blocked. You need to understand that greed for money always leads to unfair practices and people fail to understand the right way to work.

  • What is known as the duplicate content on YouTube?
  • Content uploaded by many other people on YouTube and your channel is not the first place to upload it.
  • Content is taken from a third-party source and uploaded with no new change by the creator while posting on the channel.
  • Any copied content that resembles from the content of a YouTuber who posted the same content before the date you posted it.

Sometimes to do something faster, you need to slow down a bit. In a hurry, you make mistakes which waste more time taking you away from the ultimate goal.    

Work on the 3 elements that prioritise YouTube search

Relevance, Quality and Engagement

These 3 elements become the base for this popular platform to prioritise its search criteria. The channels that fulfil all these three needs get an easy way to encashment. To serve the needs of the millions and billions of users, YouTube has to take care of these three elements.

The intense requirement to maintain the quality of the posted videos, it is necessary to obtain perfection on these three aspects. You cannot go further without attaining the desired level; these are the conditions required for every YouTuber.

Implement them as the basic rules from the very first video of the channel and watch the magic of their effectiveness. Do not underestimate the significance of these three elements, because you cannot afford to get monetised without them.

Choose a subject that easily gets monetized

Some many subjects and topics are considered closer to the demands of YouTube users. The informative content, as well as the daily life routine things, attracts more number of users, as people can relate with them.

Certain subjects are popular than the other ones, and if your channel serves the same type of content, the chances of faster encashment are bright.


Online tutorials

Informative videos

Daily Vlogs

Travel content

Do-it-yourself videos

Short films

Every small thing matters a lot when you try to earn through YouTube. This platform has its own nature and the terms and conditions because it serves the whole world. If you stick to them, it will be easier to start earning soon.

Create advertiser-friendly content by avoiding these topics

Advertisements on your YouTube channel become the actual magnet for monetisation. But for that, the advertisers need to find something relatable in your videos. They aim to reach to a large number of people, and for that, they search the YouTubers who are famous, and people visit them frequently.

Avoid These Things to Make Your Channel Advertiser-Friendly


Shocking content

Controversial content


Defamatory content

Inappropriate language


Hateful content

Dangerous content

If any of the above elements are there in your YouTube content, in place of monetisation, your channel can get blacklisted. Scrutinise your content before posting it, the people that post real and good videos, easily attract people and then advertisers. Once that happens, it becomes a cakewalk to encash your efforts.

Deal carefully with major elements of the video

You should know that YouTube admin pay heed to every detail of a video. It is necessary to work on the basic elements of a video.

Here are the significant elements that need attention –

  • Video content – The video or the main content should be according to the do’s and don’ts established by YouTube channel. The issue causing things that you read above should not be there in the video such as defamatory content, violence content etc.
  • Title – The title should be informative giving a clear idea about the subject of the video. The viewers should be able to understand it without any need to check a dictionary. The title should directly mention the actual subject. If you are a financial education channel and want to suggest about 24-hour loans in Ireland as a promising short-term loan option, mention the loan term in the title. It can be something like – 24-hour loans in Ireland as the best short-term loan option.
  • Thumbnail – You must have clicked on some YouTube videos due to their impressive Thumbnail. The same thing people try to find in your videos. Always post a fabulous picture with a relatable content in Thumbnail.
  • Description – This platform wants you to describe the video content that can help the viewers understand in detail. In the title, you have a word limit, and you cannot use too many words but let the description, mention the subject in detail.
  • Tags – Certainly, such things are essential because they make you detectable in the vast ocean of videos. Post the related tags because that helps the users find their useful content with ease.

The above are like five pillars of your YouTube channel, and without working on them, it is not possible to get what is desired. It is not difficult to use the correct approach, get some guidance and do some research work. The rule of childhood works here – Self study is the best study.

Content should relate to the channel

Sometimes people think that if they post the content that is viral on the YouTube channel nowadays, it will bring huge popularity to the channel. But it is essential to understand that if a currently viral theme of video does not relate to your channel theme do not follow the wave.

  • Here is an example to explain better –

Your channel is about food, and a recent viral video relates to any political subject, it is not a good idea to turn the direction of your channel. You may think that by posting the videos associated with currently popular subjects can backfire.

If your channel contains videos on varied topics, monetisation is almost an impossible thing. It is because the YouTube algorithm works on the relativity factor; it gets confused when it finds a channel with different video subjects.

Always write content for caption in a ubiquitous language

Reach to more people helps faster growth of YouTubers, and they can start making money soon. If your language is not something that people speak ubiquitously, it is necessary to keep the content ready for the captions.

The videos from Japan, Italy, Korea, India etc. always have the ‘Turn on the caption’ option that explains the video in the English language. It is the most popular language of the globalised economy.

A video in another language with no captions to understand the content creates boredom for the viewers. Also, they feel that the YouTuber is biased and does not take care of the viewers. Such channels get a limited reach and take more time in monetisation.

Keep an eye on the YouTube monetization guidelines.

 It is important to keep visiting the monetization guidelines. They may change with time and with the latest update, it is easier to know if you are going in the right direction or not.

Here is an insight on what YouTube looks at for monetisation –

  • Theme of the channel
  • Newest/latest videos
  • Most views videos
  • Watch hour
  • Video details (thumbnails, titles and descriptions)

Currently, the minimum criteria for monetisation are 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in one year. If the channel crosses the limit without completing this task, the next year you have to start with ZERO. It can be a huge task.

You need to work on all the above things to start earning online by presenting significant content finally. For faster earning, it is vital to stick to the basics and avoid all the related mistakes that can spoil the efforts.

The bunch of the ways mentioned above can smoothen the bumpy road to monetisation and then you can enjoy true self-reliance. Carelessness towards the guidelines creates complications and cause a delay in money goals one makes for the future. Follow the right path, post good content, make useful videos, post regularly to offer continuous delivery of the videos, and you can monetise at the right time.

Description – How can you monetize your YouTube channel faster? Read about some suggestions that make the task easier and can make the channel breed money in a short time.

My self Brenda Miller. I live in Ireland and working in OnlineCashFinances as a Financial Analyst.