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Best Dishes to Order When You Have Parents in the Team



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All the parents on the globe have similar concerns when it comes to food. Either they feel their children are eating way too less; or way too unhealthy. They have an innate dislike with the takeaways and orders. Therefore, if you are with them and want to order food online, it becomes risky. You have to choose a menu that has a mix of gravies and Dal they like. The order must have some bread and the dishes with ingredients they deem bad, are off-limits!

The following post has the dishes that you can order online for and with your parents. These dishes have earned a nod from most of the parents and are on a healthier side of the food spectrum.

Now you can also order such foods online anytime without any worries. There are many online food ordering portals like Faasos, Swiggy, Zomato, etc., which serves you with excellent quality & hygienic foods. In order to save extra money on your orders, you can search for latest Faasos Offers or Swiggy Coupons. Make sure you use them before you place your orders.

Here is the list of healthy foods you can order online.

Dal Makhani

This one dal has been satiating the hunger pangs and earning smiles from the parents since ages. It is healthy and goes well with Naan, Chapati and Rice. You can order it for lunch and dinner. The dal allows you to enjoy your food in peace with no one complaining about Ajinomoto and sauces.

Dal Handi

The much-hated yellow dal by the modern generation is adored by the parents. The recipe involves slow cooking the yellow dal (Moong Dal) in a big pot with garlic and onions being the primary ingredients. The taste gets a delicious makeover, and your parents can enjoy the meal.

Paneer Tikka

Every family has its own version of paneer tikka. Some like it as extremely spicy with lemon juice. Some make it tangy and hot. Some people like to enjoy it in the ACHARI flavour with sweet, sour and salty flavours. However, no kitchen can prepare this dish better than an authentic Punjabi Restaurant. Moreover, the chutney served with the Tikka is an ultimate taste bud tickler. So, you can order this dish without any worries.

This dish is loved by people of all ages and is perfect for family meals. So, grab some Faasos Coupons and enjoy this weekend relishing Paneer Tikka.

Chicken Chettinad

This dish comes from down South and offers a distinct hint of spicy flavours. Chicken Chettinad is a healthy dish that tastes different from all the chicken dishes cooked in North India. Take a break from the normal orders of Chicken Tikka, Chicken Butter Masala and Tandoori Masala etc. Order this dish online and enjoy an awesome meal with your folks.

Kandhari Naan

If your momma says that she can cook awesome food, and still you keep on wasting money on online orders, cajole her. Order Kandhari Naan from some authentic place and let her enjoy the deliciousness.

Kashmiri Pulao

This utterly delicious rice dish dripping with delectable aroma and taste is a delicacy for all. You can easily order this dish for your parents. The whole spices used in making the Kashmiri Pulao leave an unmistakable impression on it. This dish can be enjoyed with almost all kinds of Dal, Curd, Raita, and even without anything else. We recommend eating it with vegetable raita for a better taste experience.

Bhuna Murgh Biryani

Mommies on the planet have a devilish habit of making anything in their own version. They can make fried rice and pass it off as a Biryani. They can make a soggy cake in cookers and make us eat it without saying any bad word. Therefore, if your mamma says that she can make biryani at home. You must order this one and let her enjoy the taste of an authentic recipe. Then, you can easily help her identify the difference. However, we are not sure about the results and inferences (Just for laughs).

Navratan Korma

No one can make Korma (vegetarian and non-vegetarian) like the Mughlai Cooks. If you have a craving for Mughla food, you can order this dish for your parents. This dish has a perfect balance of all kinds of flavours and can be eaten with Naan, Roti and Rice Dishes. Garlic Naan is the best companion. Roomali Roti is the next best companion.

So, dear readers, if you wish to enjoy your online orders with parents, take cues from this list. And to keep the billings in a safe range, use Faasos Coupons. They will ask you the price, we bet, and you have to pass the exam!

Happy Food Time!