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Best coastal cities to live in Florida

If you are planning to move to Florida any time soon, we can help you choose the right city for you. Here are the best coastal cities to live in Florida that people adore. Read on to find out more.



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Well, the Florida peninsula seems to be well known first and foremost for the city of Mami and the Keys. However, Florida has much more to offer. It seems that the peninsula has become a haven for retirees from all over the US and also tourists that flock Miami and the Keys every year. With a wide palette of things to offer all of Florida is a big tourist magnet. So, if you are interested in living there, let’s make a list and find out just what you should know about Florida and which the best coastal cities to live in Florida are.

Florida – some of the facts

Let’s get to the facts. Florida’s sub-tropical climate has earned it the nickname of Sunshine State which makes it the magnet to everyone looking for sun, sunbathing and a bronze tan. Florida also has some of the best beaches in the US and people tend to think that it is all one big beach. Although it provides constant sunshine and warm weather (mild winters) it is also hurricane-prone. Almost half a year there is a constant risk of hurricanes. However, these facts have not deterred a large number of retirees seeking refuge there in the later years.

Florida is a tourist magnet and it is occupied by tourists almost all year long. Besides the weather and beaches, Florida has a specific and diverse tourist offer. Theme parks, water parks, and nature preserves, diverse natural resources, adventure trips, and hikes, it has something to offer to everyone. That makes Florida a very crowded place that can be annoying and distracting to residents. On the other hand, anyone can move in and enjoy and relax on the sunny beaches of the Florida coast.

Some of the best coastal cities in Florida to consider

Most may think that the whole of Florida is one enormous beach to enjoy. Since that is not the case let’s try to list some of the best coastal cities in Florida. Since they are all tourist destinations, we will try to find some of the best off the grid cities that are tourist-free and more peaceful. 

  • Jacksonville offers good business opportunities and is a city that is growing and developing. It has something to offer to anyone from pure nature (hiking, kayaking, etc.) to the pristine beaches and beach-related activities. It is also a university center that offers history, culture, art and a rich social scene.
  • St. Augustine has a rich history as the oldest American city. It hosts great beaches, a good school system, a great historical offer, and an old town feel.
  • Palm Beach is a city that maintains a small-town feel and atmosphere. Palm Beach is ideal for families with its great school system. It also offers beautiful beaches, incredible public events, and a rich social life.
  • Ft. Lauderdale is an artistic mecca. Less expensive than Miami, it also offers a rich artistic offer. With almost 500 miles of waterways, it resembles Venice in Italy.

A view of Fort Lauderdale, which is one fo the best coastal cities to live in Florida.

  • Miami is the largest city in Florida. It is by far the largest tourist magnet with a lively lifestyle and a dynamic nightlife. It offers great beaches, warm weather and cultural diversity of a big metropolitan city.  Miami and the Keys are the most popular destinations in Florida which makes them overcrowded, traffic-congested and expensive to live in.
  • Naples is the wealthiest city in Florida. It has a national park (Everglades) and a lineup of great and beautiful beaches. It is home to millionaires which unfortunately makes it an expensive location to live in
  • Sarasota is considered the best place to live in for families in Florida. It offers a rich cultural scene (art, ballet, opera, museums, etc.), natural preserves and parks. Besides that, it also hosts white-sand beaches that make it the most
  • Tampa Bay is a big coastal city which is also a well-known university center. It’s a lot more affordable to live in than Miami. It has great job opportunities and is in economic growth. It has a lot to offer for families but for anyone that wants to live there it may get too crowded with the number of visiting tourists.
  • St. Petersburg is a very affordable city to live in and popular with families. It offers a rich festival, museum and art offering. It is also hosting a rich nightlife scene that is popular with the younger population.  
  • Pensacola Beach is a city rich in history and diverse nature. History and many historical sites, the Naval Aviation Museum and Theaters provide a rich cultural offering. White sand beaches, emerald sea, parks, deep-sea fishing are just some of the things you can enjoy there as a resident. It hosts a naval base so a large number of navy families live there.

Some more not-so-famous coastal cities in Florida that are nice to live in

Besides these, there are several smaller cities and towns that offer all of the perks of Florida without the flocks of tourists. These cities offer a more relaxed lifestyle, peace, and quiet. Just to name a few:

  • Atlantic Beach
  • Deerfield Beach
  • Vero Beach
  • Ponce Inlet
  • Port Orange
  • Cedar Key
  • Vilano Beach
  • Santa Rosa Beach

These towns and cities are located between big and bustling centers, like Port Orange. Not many tourists know about them so they offer much-needed peace and quiet and can be a real joy compared to big tourist attraction cities. To make your move there more enjoyable let Port Orange professionals handle your move.

People strolling on the beach with the sunset over the ocean in the background.


So, where ever you may want to live in Florida be sure to do detailed research. Florida has a lot to offer and its diversity is incredible. It’s a mix of tourist attractions, natural beauties, college towns, and business hubs. Almost anyone can find what he needs so be sure to investigate. This is just a short list but it can be a start for you. Florida awaits so visit it, experience it and find your favorite place.