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Best Cities for Families – 2020 Edition




If you’re thinking of moving and you have a family, you’re probably wondering which cities are best for families in the United States. What you’re looking for is a city with great schools, low crime rates and lots of cultural activities that will help your child’s upbringing. That’s why we’ve prepared this article on some of the best cities for families in 2019. Read on to learn which of these fine cities will suit you the most.

#01 Highland Park, Texas

This is a small town in Texas, not far from Dallas. If you’re looking for a town where you’ll feel like a part of a tight-knit community, Highland Park is just the place for you. If you’re so inclined, you and your family can easily immerse yourself in the spirit of togetherness that characterizes Highland Park. That’s why it’s not surprising that the crime rate in this town is so low. Namely, it is 21 percent lower than the town-average in the United States.

Such an environment is great for prospering in relaxing surroundings. Although everyone has to deal with (small or large) problems, it’s much easier to cope with everyday issues in a pleasant little town like Highland Park. You’re feeling stressed because of work? Or maybe you’re dealing with a more serious problem (for example, we’ve already published an article on how addiction can affect every member of your family)? Whatever it is, you’ll more easily handle everything that life throws at you in such a relaxing environment.

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And that’s not all! Highland Park also offers high-quality schools and affordable housing options, as well as some excellent healthcare providers. Of course, we hope that there won’t be any need for hospitals, but you never know. It can be very useful living close to great hospitals for the same reason why, for example, a family insurance plan might be beneficial.

The only downside to Highland Park is that the cost of living there is higher than average. But, if you can afford it, there’s a good chance that you won’t go wrong if you decide to move to this peaceful little town.

#02 Irvine, California

Irvine has all the qualities that one would expect from a family-friendly town, plus, the weather is great as well! Great schools, lots of jobs, plenty of activities and events aimed at the entire family… All of that makes Irvine the third town in all of the USA when it comes to its residents’ level of happiness. This is underlined by the fact that crime rates in Irvine are, amazingly, 53 percent lower than average!

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That’s just one of the reasons why Irvine is a great town for kids. The children who are schooled in Irvine score 52 percent better on tests than what the national average is. What’s more, you can take your children to the Pretend City Children Museum, where they can learn while having fun at the same time. Another museum worth taking your whole family to is the Irvine Museum. There’s also the UCI observatory, where you can look at the stars and learn something about space in general.

And did we say that the weather is great? Everything seems easier under the warm California sun, especially if you live in one of the best cities for families.

#03 Cary, North Carolina

If you’d rather move somewhere down south, then Cary, NC could be just the town for you. Like the other cities that are the topic of this article, Cary can also boast of having a very low crime rate (59 percent below the national average). The schools are great, with students achieving 38 percent better results than average. The residents of Cary are generally well-educated. About 94 percent of them have finished high school, while 64 percent of them have a bachelor’s degree.

Another benefit that makes Cary one of the best cities for families in 2019 is that it is close to some of the finest hospitals in the country. No matter if you’ll be moving with some senior members of your family or not, it is very important to have access to high-quality healthcare providers. And the Duke University Hospital and the University of North Carolina Hospitals are definitely one of them. What’s more, Cary also offers excellent home care assistance options, that can sometimes be beneficial for your aged family members.

Unfortunately, life in Cary can be somewhat expensive. A slightly larger budget that you’ll need if you want to lead a comfortable life in Cary is this town’s only major fault. Another obstacle you and your family may face is the period of adaptation to Cary’s southern vibe. That is especially true if you’re moving from a big city such as, for example, LA or NYC. If you leave NYC for North Carolina, you’ll probably need to allow yourself a short period of adjustment. However, it’s definitely worth it, as Cary truly is one of the best cities for families!

#04 Bowling Green, Ohio

The next entry on our list of best cities for families in 2019 is Bowling Green, Ohio. As expected, like all the towns that we’ve already mentioned, Bowling Green also offers amazing schools and has a low crime rate (28 percent lower than average). What makes this town stand out is the fact that there are a lot of fun parks, camps, and outdoor events in Bowling Green. If you and the members of your family enjoy outdoor activities, then you’ll have a great time in Bowling Green! Cycling, fishing, kayaking… you can do that, and much more in and near the beautiful town of Bowling Green.

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This town is also pretty affordable. While it may not be the cheapest town in the USA, the cost of living in Bowling Green is somewhat below average. Not only will you save some money there, but you’ll also have access to great educational activities for your children (and maybe for you as well). The Bowling Green State University Planetarium and the Wood County Historical Center are just some of the places where your kids can have a good time while learning in Bowling Green.

#05 – 08 Best cities for families

Finally, we’ll more briefly discuss four more towns as well.

  • Ann Arbor, Michigan. This town offers exceptional schools, a low crime rate, and access to the best hospital in Michigan. The University of Michigan Hospitals -Michigan Medicine is truly outstanding!
  • Carmel, Indiana. Everything you’d expect, plus plenty of engaging activities for the entire family. Carmel Arts and Design District, family concerts at the Center for the Performing Arts, and much more!
  • Sanford, North Carolina. If you’re moving on a budget, we believe that you should definitely consider relocating to Sanford this year. This town is great for families, while at the same time being very affordable.
  • Minnetonka, Massachusetts. Among other things, great amenities and excellent graduation rates make Minnetonka one of the best cities for families in 2019.

To conclude

So, there you have it. Whichever city you choose out of the eight that we’ve selected, you’ll most likely love it there. These are indeed the best cities for families currently in the USA, as anyone who’s ever lived there will tell you. We hope that, in the end, you’ll find a city that seems to be tailor-made for you and your family. Good luck!