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Beach Bound: 7 Travel Essentials for Your Sunny Getaway



Beach holidays are lots of fun—and also a great excuse to stock up on some cute beach accessories. Here are seven of our top travel essentials for a safe, comfortable, and trendy beach holiday:

  1. A Swimsuit You Love Wearing

First, you will need a gorgeous swimsuit to hit the water with confidence. Check to see if you already have one that fits you, and that isn’t discolored, stretched, or see-through. If you discover it’s time for new swimwear, take advantage of this opportunity to find one that makes you feel amazing!

When shopping for gear to wear at the beach, think about the style that suits you the best. For example, are you most relaxed in a bikini or a stylish one-piece suit? Do you prefer a low-cut bottom or a boyleg short? Do you prefer florals, beach-themed patterns, or color-blocked designs? The best swimsuit will be one that suits your individual shape and stays in place while you have fun in the water.

  1. A Stylish Hat and Sunglasses for Sun Protection

Next, you’ll need to think about sun protection to avoid a nasty burn (that would really be a downer on your holiday!). An elegant brimmed hat looks feminine and goes a long way towards shielding your face, ears, and neck while you’re out enjoying the heat.

Sunglasses not only make your eyes more comfortable with the glare of the light reflecting off the water, but UV-filtering sunglasses can also protect your eyes from sun damage while you relax on the beach.

  1. A Water-Resistant Watch

While you might feel like you have all the time of day when you’re on holiday, having a fashionable and durable activewear watch can be very practical. You’ll need to know what time it is to make arrangements with friends, hit the beach when the tide is out, and make sure you take a jacket if you’ll likely still be out in the evening when the wind turns cold.

When shopping for a watch to wear on the shore or at the pool, check the water-resistance rating and ask about whether it’s ok to go for a swim or go snorkeling while wearing the watch or whether it’s best to store it in a safe place until you dry off.

  1. A Comfortable Travel Pillow

No matter how you’re getting to the beach—by road, sea, or air—you’ll enjoy the journey a lot more with a comfortable travel pillow that supports your neck and head. Spending hours at the airport or on a flight with your head held in the wrong position can set you up for cramps and headaches, so it’s best to prevent this problem before it even develops with a well-designed travel pillow!

  1. Practical Walking Shoes

If you’ll be going for walks along the coastline, browsing the shops and beach bar hopping, consider packing practical walking shoes like sneakers or waterproof flats. There are athletic and water-friendly sandals and shoes available that will keep your feet well supported while you stroll along the foamy sand and amongst rock pools and pebbles.

  1. Quality Skin Products

When you travel anywhere—especially in warm weather—your skin can dry out and tends to be more vulnerable than when you’re at home in a familiar environment. Before you travel, be sure to pack a handy skincare kit with measured amounts of all your favorite moisturizers, a light cleanser, and a non-toxic mineral sunscreen. If you’re traveling by plane, make sure all carry-on bottles are within liquid limits and take the rest in your checked-in luggage (store them in a liquid-tight bag and away from your best clothes).

The best skincare routines for travel will generally feature natural, nourishing ingredients to feed and soothe your skin while it’s at its more sensitive. Choose a mineral sunscreen with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide as the active ingredient for a sun barrier that is non-irritating and safe for long-term use, rather than a chemical sunblock that is absorbed and can cause hormonal imbalances in the body.

  1. Perfume and Makeup

For special events on your holiday, pack a special perfume and some makeup so you can go out in style. These items tend to be pricey in tourist destinations, so it’s best to take your own.

Now it’s time to make a list of what you’ll need for your beach holiday and start shopping. Have a great time!