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Basic Differences between Carbonated and Sparkling Water



Well, the huge part of the population is consuming the fizzy drinks. The market of such drinks is exceeding with huge numbers as the demand are going higher and higher. Well, there are lots of reason behind the growth of demand, these drinks are easily available everywhere and you can possibly get to any other store.

Also, the markets are providing huge options and favors in carbonated beverages India which attract the large crowd who are looking for different taste. Apart from that, these drinks are also famous for the bubbly taste that relaxes the mind and help people to stay cool during the hot summer days. But do you know there are huge differences between carbonated drinks and sparkling water, well lots of people get confused between two as they both carry the same kind of characteristics. For knowing the topic better here is what you should know!

Carbonated water: what this exactly means?

Well, it’s kind of simple to find carbonated beverages in India, as it is one of the most famous drinkable things that people like. However, it is also known by other names like Soda water and club soda.  These sodas are artificially made with the help of carbon dioxide gases that are added to create carbonic acid. Also, you will get salt added in carbonated water to create bubbles; it includes sodium bicarbonate, potassium salts, table salts, and other mixture.  The use of salt is for making the drink lighter and better in taste.

Sparkling water: what this exactly means?

Talking about sparkling water, there are two chances that can occur i.e. naturally or by the use of sparkling water system which is an artificial way.  These drinks are easily available in near store, however, there is no flavor added unless you are looking for flavors to buy. However, there are mostly two kinds of flavors that you can find in the sparkling water, whether you are going to get fruit essence added or oils for the taste. Apart from that, There are two kinds of sparkling water types i.e.:

  • Sparkling mineral water: well, sparkling minerals water is natural and the sources of these waters are mineral springs. However, there are some companies who also add the amount of carbon dioxide to create more bubbles.  The taste of this water is kind of same as mineral-y or you can find the taste same with other mineral water.
  • Sparkling water: Basically known as Seltzer water, this one is a pure combination of still water and carbon dioxide. This water is created with the help of filtered sparkling water system that can easily found in places like offices, hotels, restaurants, and resorts.