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Awesome DIY Ideas To Reuse Custom Cardboard Boxes

We can reuse cardboard boxes to make many other useful things with them. That will not only save our money but also make your home more beautiful with some handmade things.




Cardboard as a packaging material is one of the best. People and companies use to package and protect their items. There are many qualities of cardboard that make it such a perfect form of packaging. However, we will be forcing on just one of those many useful traits. We will be talking about the recyclable nature of custom cardboard boxes.
They are made of natural materials. That allows them to be reusable. Many companies around the world use recycled cardboard boxes. They buy large quantities of these boxes from scrapyards and other suppliers. Then they customize them and use them again.

So if companies can reuse custom cardboard boxes to make their packaging, why can’t we?

Let’s talk about all the unique and amazing ways in which we can use these boxes and make new things out of them.

DIY ideas for reusing cardboard boxes

The best thing about these custom boxes that allows them to be reused is their ability to be cut, folded, shaped, and colored in any way possible. So, let’s take out the old boxes in the shed and make them useful again.

Apartment Tags

we have all seen the tags that our pasted next to the doors of our apartments. They are metallic plaques that have our name, house address, and other such details are written on them. However, with metallic plaques becoming more expensive, you can use cardboard. Just cut out a suitably large side of the box and color it black or white. Now, take a marker and write down these details beautifully and artistically. If you wish, you can even have them printed. Anyhow, now you have a custom-designed door tag that you can hang up and make your entrance look more beautiful.

Tote Bags

we all have been using these bags to carry our groceries, right? Well, you can use a good old custom printed cardboard box. Just remove the lid and attach handles to the box. You can use strong fabric that is either joined to the boxes with adhesive or with strong strings. Then, you can carry those boxes and put them in light groceries. Perfect for your children, or for packing a lunch basket.

All-Purpose Containers

Why change the essence of the ix. Just let it remain a box that carries and stores things. Take any old box and pack in anything extra. Or you can decorate them a bit and use them to store different items: clothes, stationery, shoes, utensils, etc.


Most people are not aware, but the posters and signs that were held by the climate change protestors, were made of reused cardboard packaging. You can do the same. Create effective banner, posters, handheld cards, plagues, and many more things with these boxes. Take a flat and smooth piece of the box. Then paint it over and even the surfaces. Perfect. Now you have an effective canvas that you can use to make your messages be seen and noticed.

Fire Logs

Well, winter is coming. What now? You can use these boxes to make effective firewood. Just take a side of the box, roll it up tightly and tie the ends with string. In this way, you will have a cylindrical piece of fuel. Don’t worry about burning it. It is made of the same wood pulp. There are no poisonous gases releases by burning these roles, and no other odors. You can reach out this Christmas. Make these rolls form your old boxes and distribute them amongst the homeless people around you. It will help you to share some of the joys of the season and make a difference.

Coloring Books

Every kid wants to draw and paint freely. Instead of buying a new book full of blank pages for your kids to draw on, why not use these boxes? They can be drawn upon easily, and they are flat and smooth and sturdy as well. Just get your kids some drawing material, and let them release their creativity on the canvas of these cardboard sheets.

Flower Pots

But won’t the box be damaged by you watering the plant every day? Or will it be able to help the plant grow? Well, you have a container that is enclosed. It is made of natural materials that will provide nourishment to the soil you put in the box. And they are waterproof. Sounds like the perfect flower box, right? Well, then take a nice custom cardboard shipping box and put soil in it. We would recommend that you use a Kraft box so that it is stronger. Once you have put in the soil, you can plant the seeds. Then, you can easily paint and design the outer edges of the box to make the pot look more creative. And you can easily water the plant without worrying about the box. It is strong and durable, and will not be affected by the moisture for a long time.

Decorative Jewelry Boxes

Just take any small and custom size cardboard shipping box. Cover the sides of the box with anything like jute, strong fabric, or even wallpaper. Then, attach little legs to the box. They can be bought from any gift store. Just choose the best ones. Plain wooden legs, or ornately carved metallic ones, the choice is yours. Once you have the basic structure of the box, you can turn your attention to making it look more attractive. Attach brooches, metallic flowers, beads, or any other shiny stones to make the box look attractive and aesthetic.

These are just some of the ways about how you can repurpose and redesign these simple cardboard packages into something special. Nothing is useless, especially these incredibly useful boxes. You can recycle and reuse them to make your DIY crafts. You can easily save money, as well as the environment in this way. And not only that, it will give you a useful task to do once you are free and want something fun to do. So take out those arts kits and start reusing and recycling.

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