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Annoying Things You do in Taxis



Annoying Things You do in Taxis

According to a Taxi Driver, The taxi universe is the service industry on steroids, in which the drivers are encountered with the spectrum of humanity, by behaving worst with them.
We are not saying that the cab drivers are perfect. In this industry, we have seen many shady characters who overcharge customers keep a messy car and behave rudely to their customers. But many of them are trying to do right by their customers and their families. We asked them to share the rider habits that the drivers experience almost daily-

You Treat the driver like your servant –

Customers whistle the cabbies to hail a cab, whistling to get someones attention is a low form of disrespect you are giving to the driver. Then there are such customers who entered into the cab without greeting the driver, but by only frantically barking orders on he and the drivers feel being treated like a dog.

Your destination is walkable-

Long rides may pay the bills. Short Rides that is over a fairly walkable distance may cause a loss for the cab driver especially when they are waiting for the customer for many hours in the cab stand.

You ask the driver to break the law-

Customers want to reach their destination quickly rather than going slowly. Under no circumstances, however, riders encourage the drivers to break the laws to get there faster by speeding through a red light or over speeding. That is why mostly cab drivers are caught who are breaking the laws, as a result, they are fined or removed from the road.

You backseat Drive-

The customers sometimes started looking over the driver’s shoulders and started telling them the way. When the customers started asking the holler turn and a turn many directions that are wrong at last. It is the driver’s responsibility to know the fastest route to a destination.

You bring food in the cab-

Sometimes riders carry food with them and started eating in the taxis that leave the smell as well as food in the car. Rather then you can ask the driver if he allows you can eat the food.

You are so drunk-

When the riders are so drunk that they started to vomit in their cars, or fall asleep, not in their senses to tell him where they have to go, stumbled away without paying by this the drivers are irritated.

You are a Lousy Tipper-

Some Customers are very greedy when they started bargaining after reaching the destination and fights with the driver by saying that he is saying a big amount of money of the rides, but they don’t know that car driving is not a lucrative career they left nothing in their pockets after the maintenance of cars or by supporting their families. This means you must pay a tip to the driver for their livelihood.

Take Uber, OLA-

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