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An Apple a Day to Manage Your Health in a Smarter Way?



The constantly mounting demand of simplifying and improving the electronic healthcare solutions and technological developments in the field of healthcare technology are paving way to the miraculous inventions in the healthcare technology sector.

A plenty of companies are introducing various interesting solutions aiming to transform the way health records are managed. Various renowned companies and even the government is taking interest in promoting the valuable and appropriate utilization of electronic health records, and they are motivating more and more doctors and patients to adopt the new healthcare technology solutions.

Now, it’s the turn of Apple, the world-class manufacturers of digital products to spur innovation into the healthcare technology sector.

The problem that Apple is trying to solve

Electronic health records have not really kept pace with the advancements in the modern technology. EHR systems are not intuitive, they require a lot of information to be filled, they are not as quick as they are expected to be etc. However, now, many technological giants like Apple are stepping into the healthcare technology domain to enhance the quality. There are develop mobility healthcare solution, which will be linked to EHRs. The app is supposed to be very efficient, quick to use, highly streamlined, and extremely easy to use.

Apple is all set to unveil a Health Records mobile application with HL7’s FHIR

Apple is working with a plenty of renowned healthcare experts to launch this revolutionary healthcare application which is intended to streamline the storage, management and maintenance of heath records.

This year, Apple uncovered the secrets that it was hiding since a long time. They announced the inauguration of one of the most awaited healthcare mobility solutions, the personal health record. This feature will be available for the users who have updated their Apple devices to iOS 11.3. The cutting-edge attribute is labeled as Health Records, and is known to integrate all the prevailing patient-generated information in the mobile app with information from an individual’s electronic medical history. But this can only happen if the user has been or is a patient at one of the hospitals who are using this technique. At the moment, the company is only working with around 12 hospitals, but the possibility of the success of this product seems to be on a higher side.

Why is Apple building this app?

The main intend of the company is to help customers live a healthier life. The company has worked with a host of health community, very closely, to build an experience that every user craved for years. The main aim of this product is to enable the users to view medical records very conveniently, and safely right on their iPhones. With this Apple want to empower individuals to track the status of their health, take necessary decisions at the right time, and live a better and a healthier life.

Is Apple all set to transform the healthcare industry?

Apple is aiming to revamp the complete dynamic by offering a medium for patients to keep the record of their health data in their iPhones. To make sure that the data transfer is safe, and to abide by the privacy rules, Apple ensures that the data downloaded from EHRs is encrypted properly and the data is not going to be transferred across Apple’s network.

This Apple Health Records mobile applications will save the patients from taking care of a bunch of paper records. Also, it will be so easy for the patients to share the heath information with the doctors as it will be available on their phones. They won’t really have to carry a set of papers to the clinics. Apple’s arrival into the healthcare IT industry is already creating a buzz in the healthcare market.

Limitations of the Apple Health Records mobile app

Apple Health Records is touted to be one of the most remarkable and valuable healthcare applications, however, we should not expect too much from the new app. it may not have the capability to overpower the inefficiencies taken over from the system. Directing regulatory obstacles and industry trusts can be a little stressful as well. Also, the app may be deprived of a few important features in the beginning and may have  few limitations, also the information in the beta version is incomplete, and only contains immunization, allergies, conditions, lab test results, medicines, processes, and vitals.


Apple has taken a big leap into the EHR integration industry by enabling patients to access their heath records on their iPhones. The move can turn out to be a profitable one for Apple as well as for the healthcare industry as well.

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