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An A-Z Guide to the Pearson Test of English




Students who wish to study abroad always must submit a test of English to show they wish to pursue their career, which is not their first language. Either this could be in French, Spanish or an English language test; usually the Pearson Test of English is the preferred option among all other English tests.

This is a worldwide-accepted test, which helps to validate the proficiency of all non-native speakers of the English language. Although there are several categories of this test, for non-native speakers who wish to study abroad in English, the “PTE Academic” is the standard requirement for those willing to take the test.

The Pearson Test of English Academic

Primarily, this test has a unique design that tests the readiness of potential students who wish to study abroad. It builds their communication, reading and understanding levels before they apply to their desired university.

When you approach education consultants such as JNSEdu, you will learn that the PTE Academic is a test that universities, schools, and colleges across the globe recognize as a proof of proficiency in the English Language. Some common prestigious institutions like London School of Business, Harvard Business School and many universities in the UK, USA, Spain, China, Germany and Spain value it for its stronghold in the education system.

In addition, the Australian Immigration department also recognizes this test for the visa application for people seeking citizenship in Australia.

What Is The Nature Of This Test?

The PTE Academic is a computer-based one that focuses on the use of English language that higher institutions use. Every student must go through the test in a variety of English accents, which means they are likely to come across as they progress in their student life abroad.
They hear playback audios, which are the tests for candidates. The test also includes the students answering questions in audio recordings in the English language. In some way, this serves as a biometric identification of the candidates by the institute or university.

The Format of the PTE Academic

At the PTE test centers, every candidate receives a computer with a headset. Via the headset, they can listen to all questions, read texts, and respond to the questions they see on their computer screen or monitor.

During the exam, candidates come across, including three sections:
•    Listening, which lasts nothing more than 57 minutes
•    Speaking and writing lasts about 93 minutes
•    Reading, not lasting more than 41 minutes

Schedule, Duration and the Test Results

The complete test lasts for a duration of nothing more than three hours. The schedules of the tests run throughout the year, every day. This means students can go to the Pearson approved test centers at any time when they are ready and write their exam. This makes the Pearson Test of English Academic a unique one since it does not have a fixed timetable.
You can write the examination when you feel you are ready. You can simply walk into the test center, register your name and prepare to take the test at a convenient time for you. Normally, it takes about five days before the results release. Again, this is another unique thing about the test, as you do not have to wait for months before you receive the results. It is possible for the candidates to check the scores easily online.

The Grading Format

Since computers grade the PTE Academic English tests, it means the test scores are highly reliable and free from any form of errors (in particular human errors). It eliminates the risks of any possible errors. The grading of the scores is set according to the Global Scale of English, which is an internationally accepted system of grading. The grades evaluate your proficiency in the most accurate manner.

Note that the final score you receive reflects the overall performance of the test and the grading depends on a scale of 10-90. The skills in each section follow the same grading system. If you choose to enroll in practice tests, this will give you a better idea of the grading system. The method of grading has an advantage of showing you the necessary areas of your weaknesses and strengths. In this way, you will know exactly where you need to improve and you can repeat the test.
In order to understand the grading system of the PTE Academic test, it is advisable that you consult education consultants in your area. These experts can guide you well in the areas you need to focus on, and give you guidance on the admission procedure you need to study in your desired university abroad.

Once you receive your score, another plus point is that you can send the results instantly to the university you wish to apply to and within no time, they can process the results and work on your admission.

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