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All You Need to Know About Self Storage



self storage

The first self-storage facilities surfaced during the 1960s and even after two decades, the industry carried a low-profile. The storage units were mostly used for taking care of temporary storage need of the masses during moving, marrying or expanding. However, gradually, the storage needs of the people have become more complex, and the self storage industry too had advanced to become multifaceted for keeping pace with the growing demands.

The Growing Demand for Self-Storage Facilities:

Towards the 90s end, there was a limitless demand seen for self storage around the country, and the demand only doubled during the early years of the 21st century. A steady rise has been seen in the storage facilities across the country in terms of number and quality. One must wonder as to how people did without the storage facilities all those years.  One possible reason behind the popularity if storage industries nowadays, perhaps is the amount and number of possessions. With a rise in income per capita and an inclination towards accumulating stuff, today, the families carry twice as many possessions when compared to decades ago. As the size of an average home increases over the years, the number of possessions to rise at the same pace. Thus, people rely on self-storage facilities to house their extra stuff whenever they move from one house to another or other location or city or country.

What Kind of Self-Storage Facilities?

With so many options out there for your storage needs, it can be a daunting task to narrow down your options. Still, one would like the best self storage facility that meets their needs and the budget. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when choosing the right fit for your needs.

  • The Added Convenience of Portable Storage Containers – One can opt for a storage company that offers portable storage, based on your needs and preferences. You can store your unit until you need it again and even bring it to a new location. Convenience is a significant advantage here.
  • Indoor Storage Units for More Comfort – One can rent a self storage facility inside an indoor storage unit. However, you need to bring all your stuff to the locality and need to look for the right size that fits your needs and offers complete safety and protection.
  • The More Accessible Outdoor Storage Units There are outdoor storage units available, and these are more accessible as one can pull up their car right to the unit and load the stuff. It is not only more convenient but saves a lot of time as one can easily drop-off and pick-up.
  • Climate-Controlled Storage Units for Higher Protection If you want to safeguard your belongings against weather, temperature, and other elements, it is best to look for the climate-controlled self storage units. These are an ideal choice if you live in an area exposed to extreme heat, cold, or moisture.
  • Specialty Storage Units for Special Stuff – Sometimes, one needs to store delicate stuff, paintings, and antiques and for these the storage units are the best fit. After all, there are some items in every household that need special care and protection during storage and transportation.
  • Commercial Storage Units for Businesses As businesses have different storage needs, there are specially designed storage units that cater to large businesses and firms. They would, of course, not look for traditional unit self storage units for their needs.
  • Full-Service Storage for Complete Convenience If you want the company to do everything for your storage needs, then opt for full-service storage. This is indeed a valet-style service as the company will do everything for you, right from packing, picking and will even take pictures of what is inside of each box.


It is always beneficial to remain organized so as not to lose your valuables. The self storage units will provide the requisite security for everything that you hold. You can, as a result, move places with ease and avoid hassles.

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