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All About Antenna Installations: A Guide for Homeowners



You want to watch TV but you get blurred reception. You want in on the latest, more popular shows but cable TV is expensive. You ask yourself what the best solution to this situation is.

A television antenna.

Clearly offering a different view

TV antennas have made a comeback. Compared to television antennas in the olden days, the TV antennas of this generation are better, clearer, and have more to offer.

Several governments have switched from analog to digital as well. Digital TV brings about the conveniences of modern technology especially in terms of reception and a better viewing experience.

A free digital television service called Freeview was launched in 2008, spurring the rise in digital antenna installations in Australia. This service encouraged Australians to watch free-to-air content in more than 25 channels. These catch up services and free programs can all be viewed for free wherever and on whatever viewing device they choose.

Professional aerial installers provide free “no obligation” onsite evaluations and price quotations to offer the viewing public safe and proper antenna installation services that will help them take advantage of Freeview channels. Owners with analogue TV need not scramble to buy a whole new digital TV set. Analog TV sets can still be fitted with a new set top box and a digital antenna to get free channels.

Benefits of cutting the cord

Switching to free TV and digital antennas bring about benefits that homeowners can certainly appreciate. Here are some of the most salient advantages:

1. Cut costs

You no longer have to pay exorbitant fees for cable subscription. Having a digital antenna means you get free access to Freeview. This translates to more minutes of enjoyable viewing but fewer dollars to pay. You only need to pay an affordable installation fee for the aerial and you can sit back and enjoy your favourite shows.

Your local antenna installation company may also offer other services such as TV mounting on walls and brackets, home theater installation, antenna repair, cabling, and other related services that will help you get the best TV watching experience.

All these services aimed at enhancing your viewing enjoyment are certainly worth a minimal investment.

2. Clearer picture

If you’re tired of watching fuzzy, pixelated, or scratchy television, then switching to digital will dial down these annoying things. You no longer have to deal with unreliable and choppy TV reception when you have a digital antenna professionally installed by antenna specialists.

These antenna experts will ensure that your antenna is properly installed in the right location to get the best signal. They will also save you from death-defying stunts just to fit outdoor antennas on attics, the roof, and other high places.

3. Weather-proof

You don’t need to despair anymore when bad weather comes. You can still watch your favourite television shows even if there’s pouring rain. Even if it is stormy outside, you can still get access to local TV stations that will keep you abreast of the latest weather bulletins to keep you and your loved ones safe, informed, and entertained.

4. Perfect for streaming

Cutting the cable subscription doesn’t mean that you have to go on a TV diet. On the contrary, you can subscribe to a third party streaming service and just pick out the shows you want to watch in addition to your free TV channels.

With reliable connection provided by your digital antenna, you can still enjoy watching your favourite TV programs through streaming. Professional antenna installers can also efficiently install data points so you can have smooth connection to the Internet.

Now that you are aware of the advantages of installing a digital TV antenna, here are some considerations and reminders to guide you:

1. Placement points

You need to be judicious about where you decide to have your antenna placed. Fortunately for you, reputable TV antenna installation experts are just a phone call (or chat/email) away. They know where and how to place your antennas so you can get the best possible TV reception.

Direction and elevation are some of the most important points when installing antennas. Typically, the higher the antenna is placed, the better. The distance from the nearest broadcast station must also be considered.  

Mountains, high-rise buildings, and even tall trees can hinder the reception signal from properly reaching your antenna. That is why most aerials are placed on attics or rooftops to get uninterrupted signal supply from the closest TV station in the area.

2. Catching channels

It would be helpful if you can periodically rescan channels. This will ensure that you get the most updated list of free channels available and expand your viewing options.

You can check you TV manual on how to do this. It is also important to check if you have an ATSC tuner built-in, and if the TV source or input is set to “broadcast”.

To prevent incorrect channel tuning, enlist the aid of professionals so they can tune or retune your digital TV for you. Freeview TV continuously updates channels and catch-up services so it is best to do regular tuning checks.

3. Wiring right

To help avoid bad reception, you need to check if all wiring is properly connected. Faulty wiring can lead to choppy or downright non-existent signals.

Make sure to replace old or damaged wires and cables. Double check if connectors and cables are screwed on tight. This will help ensure home safety as well as better TV reception.

Highly skilled technicians can install your antenna and also offer services like installing your TV on a mount or the wall as well as hide messy cables. More intricate installation processes like in home theater systems can also be taken care of by experts.

4. Stop interference

Signal interference can also happen when your antenna or TV set is located near devices that emit electromagnetic signals.

Appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, smart LED lighting fixtures, or power boards can all cause signal overloading and will interfere with viewing quality. Reception can be hampered so it is better to place your TV away from these devices.

The right connection

Digital TV antennas help you stay connected to the information and entertainment world at little to no cost. All you need to shell out is a minimal installation fee for the antenna. That small service charge is certainly worth it when you think about not having to worry about proper antenna placement or risking your neck clambering up heights just to get a clear connection.

The advantages are great when you switch to free TV. Having a digital antenna to amplify and ensure good reception can greatly improve your viewing experience. With the help of a professional antenna installation company with years of experience and expertise, you can just sit back, relax, and watch your favourite show in peace and comfort at home.