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Akansha Sharma: A Drug Addict disguised as a Social “Victim”



Indian society often supports Women when it comes to a “Man vs Women” battle in Today’s world. Whilst most of them still justifies the same citing the Women as the mostly “Victimized” specie around, they usually forgets that this trend has led to more Women now misusing this “Sympathy” to grab limelight in their respective fields. The story of Akansha Sharma is more or less a reflection of the same approach.
The Ex Big boss Contestant is getting all the hype nowadays with her so called “Harassment” charges on Yuvraj Singh’s family and whilst one of the most respected families in the country are doing their bit to defend their legacy, we must take a deeper look into the “Not so Victimized” life of Akansha Sharma as been proved by her Instagram pictures and videos.

Even though we don’t know her personally, it’s quite evident from the above pictures that she is certainly into Drugs and whilst a person having such a lifestyle can’t be considered at least as a “Victim”, all her over the moon claims of “Domestic Violence” by Yuvi’s family seems Illegitimate.