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Adding a Hint of Elegance to Make Your Custom Packaging Hard to Resist

When you need to appeal customers, you need to make sure that your Candle boxes are something that are simply hard to resist. Adding amazing features addressing the customers will allow you to do that.



Designing a product packaging

You need to understand that marketing and real life are two totally different things. For instance, in real life, it’s not all about the looks. But in the market world, it’s a different story completely. Brands get only about 7 seconds to make an impression on their customers, be it good or bad. If you think about, that is not a lot of time. And when the competition is this tough, it’s no time at all. If we look at the statics, your business is going to get only one shot to make a good impression and attract customers and making them buy your products. You get one chance at making potential sales. Which means that you need to have Custom Packaging, which being a key component here, that will reflect the decisions of the customers.

Usually when you try to convert leads into sales, you need to create a packaging that will make an illusion so powerful and do its magic that customers will want to buy it. End of story!

Since the packaging is the first thing they will be seeing and will be basing their decision on that only, you have to make all attempts to close the deal. Make your packaging appealing.

To help you with that, we have shared some amazing customizing tips for your packaging that will be hard to go by for customers.

But ever wondered why packaging is this much important in marketing? There must be some reason. It’s probably that we live in an age where most of the people out there will make an impulsive decision in most cases. Wherever we go, we will find an element of instant gratification. Because of this reason, every customer will only take less than 5 seconds to look at a packaging and decide if they wish to buy it or not. They won’t dig deep into the packaging to read all the labels and what’s written on the packaging about the product. They only do that when they wish to buy it. They will not think about reading the reviews of the product too in a real world. Only if they are shopping online will they do that. The one factor that makes them decide is the visual appeal. If the customer likes what it sees, chances are it will buy the product too.

Remember, the shape, size, color, style and design of the packaging is also play a key role in that final decision. So if you need to convert sales, your designs a bit of working. Make it eye-catching.

The Appeal Factors of Your Packaging Design

Let’s take a look at all those packaging designs that you need to create. Design that will appeal massively to the customers, grab their attention and urge them to buy your product.

Simple But Direct Packaging

This may be the millionth time you must have heard the phrase that simplicity has the ability to go a long way. Which is fairly true because you won’t any buyer in the world wanting a packaging design that is far too complex or overly complicated. We are living in world today that is full of over stimulation. People can easily be drawn toward simple but elegant visuals. Anything that doesn’t require deep thinking. When the goal is to solve the issues and concerns of your customers through your product, the packaging should all those solutions stated. As soon as a customer’s looks at your product packaging, immediately its draws a picture in the mind of all the things this item is supposed to do for them and exactly how.

Make A Design That Is A Knockout

As much as we agree with the fact simple packaging is extremely necessary and useful. But don’t forget, it needs to make the customers go wow. As soon as the customer sets its eyes on the packaging, the heart needs to skip a beat. It should be that good. The reason why we emphasizing this much on this factor, you and numerous other brands will be going head to head with their products. These products sitting on the counter shelves side by side. Do you expect customers to choose you only? Because every single product will be vying for the customer’s attention walking by. Only if your packaging has the potential to intrigue them, it has a knockout design. Only then can you expect a sale. We feel that your design can play a huge role here. It being a knockout will make people go for you. Otherwise, a dull boring packaging simply means customers choosing other brands with exciting packaging. Make a packaging that doesn’t say busy but then it shouldn’t be boring either. Find a fine line between the two.

You need to tap into the Feelings and Emotions of Your Consumers

As buyers, we not be aware of the fact that about 80% of our buying decisions are based completely and purely on our emotions. Whatever we purchase reflects our emotions. Most of our decisions are made when our deepest and most precious emotions are tapped. Therefore, manufacturers need to be very careful in creating a packaging that will allow the customers to connect with their most desired and deepest emotions. Buyers need to feel like connected and their emotions need to evoke such feelings. And perhaps the most suitable way of doing that is through eye contact. Usually what happens is a person will make eye contact with the other one to make a point. When trying to make this connection, it actually means something. And in hopes to find a suitable meaning, you linger on to this very moment. You also try to get a deep understanding of this connection and how you can relate to it, and what this means to you.

Your packaging should have the ability to do the same. It needs to make the kind of impression that will make the buyers pause for a second and take their time out to have a close look at your packaging and product. This is the time the manufacture’s packaging has to capture the emotions and feelings of the customers. No matter what the circumstances, the product has to make its mark and win their hearts. Ideally, you need to incorporate into your design certain shapes, colors, styles and images that can elicit all those emotions you need to capture that can win the minds and hearts of the customers.

You can incorporate certain colors to the Candle boxes design that can elicit a number of specific emotions. People may be attracted to babies and animals, but at the same time they are drawn to edgy, strong designs. The packaging design will dictate which emotions are going to be evoked from it.