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A Treasure Trove of Knowledge: 6 Online Training Courses That Will Show You a Whole New World of Practical Skills in IT



When it comes to getting a career boost in the IT sector, there are few methods better than completing an online training course. In the US and Canada, a certified IT professional earns an average of$8,400than their non-certified counterpart, demonstrating that it pays to get certified.

Online courses provide you with the skills you need, with a flexible learning schedule that allows you tolearn anywhere and anytime. But what courses will maximise your career growth and open the most doors for progression? These are the six online training courses that equip you with the necessary knowledge to excel in your IT career.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) – Server Infrastructure

The MCSE certificate shows that you can run a data centre and possess a high degree of knowledge in cloud technology, storage, networking, and identity management.

Before you can complete the MCSE, you will need to complete one of the MCSA certificates, but once you have both certificates, you can expect to earn in excess of $100,000 per annum.

Project Management Professional (PMP)

With project managers in high demand in the healthcare, construction, manufacturing and IT sectors, PMP certifications are becoming increasingly valuable.

The PMP course is one of the most recognized qualifications in industry, giving certificate-holders the versatility to take project management jobs in any industry. It also provides a significant earning booster, with PMP-holders earning an average salary of 20% larger than their peers.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is among the industry leaders when it comes to cloud technologies. If you have some experience with the platform and are looking for a way to quickly increase your skills and maximize your professional value, then taking the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate course should be on your radar.

Participants are expected to have at least one year of experience with AWS and have a good understanding of at least one programming language. For those that complete the course, their average salary increases to around $119,000.

Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Routing and Switching

If you already have your CCNP certification, you may want to consider a more specialized certification. The CCNP Routing and Switching is one such certification. It gives an in-depth exploration of routing and switching and for those that pass the exams, they can expect to earn around $100,000 per year on completion.

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

The CISSP is so well-respected that the US Department of Defence has accepted it as the standard for its National Security Agency (NSA) program. It equips students with the knowledge and fundamentals of best practices in IT security.

It is recommended that students have at least five years of experience in IT security. Upon completion of the certificate, students typically earn around $118,000 per year.

Six Sigma Green Belt

Finally, rounding out our list of courses is Six Sigma’s Green Belt course. Six Sigma’s Green Belt course is an introduction to the Six Sigma management methodology, which will help students streamline their management strategies and improve operational efficiency

The course has clearly defined levels, with each level building on the foundational knowledge provided in the previous levels. Once candidates have completed all the levels and earn their “green belt”, they can typically expect to earn around $104,000 per year.