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A Guide to Awesome Combinations of Paint Colors for Houses



Paint colors play a vital role in the interior and exterior decoration of a house. Therefore homeowners need to choose the right color of paint to get the required results for home decoration. The right paint color is the backdrop of all the interior decorations in your house.

Wrong colors in your rooms can spoil the entire decoration and aesthetic appeal of your house.  Metro which color paint color shade you choose Our guide to paint color combinations I will help you Point in the right direction. House painters Artarmon recommends this guide to awesome paint color combinations for your house. 

Pastel Colors

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Image Source: Piqsels 

Pastel colors or colors that lack strong shade such as pink, mauve and baby blue. The primary advantage of using Pastel color on your walls is that they blend very well to create a great combination.  Using pastel colors on the interior walls can offer a Unique look to your home and create positive vibes in the house. Pastel colors create a soft, soothing and neutral nature in your home. A combination of pink, mauve, baby blue or other pastel colors is best suitable for your kids’ room. 

Purple and Grey 

Purple tones, when combined which grey makes your home look more sophisticated and dignified. The outward nature of purple tones blends perfectly with the neutral grey to create a unique and distinct wall color combination. When used in a common space like a living room, the combination speaks volume about your unique color choice. The purple and grey combination will be loved by homeowners and everyone who visits the house.

Aquarium Blue and white 

Painting the walls with aquarium blue color can infuse your interiors with playful and vibrant energy. Aquarium blue color can change the energy of a dull room and surround the space with an enthusiastic vibe. You can create a combination with white, by painting the furniture and trims in white color. The white color is also best to use on the wall arts to create a visible contrast with the aquarium blue shade.  

Orange and White

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Image Source: Nipponpaint 

Orange is considered as the color of celebration. When mixed with white. It creates a great ambience for families who love happiness and celebrations. The color dominates the scheme and also creates a colorful vibe in your rooms. A great way to combine orange with white is to use the white beddings in the bedrooms and also white wall arts and designs. White signifies purity and orange spreads cheerfulness among the family members in a house. It can be one of the best combinations for your house. 

Royal blue and gold

The combination of royal blue and gold can never go wrong for homeowners who like the royal style of living. Royal blue and gold color signifies royalty of generations. The key to using this competition in your house is to paint the walls or an accent wall in a royal blue color and id3 light other things in the gold. You can paint the legs of your furniture in gold or window frames and wall arts. Imagine how the golden furniture will look with a background of royal blue paint on the wall.  

Cream and Aqua

The combination of Aqua and cream colors can create a cool and breezy environment in your interiors. The Aqua color makes the homeowners and visitors Feel like they are living in a beach house. Cream color represents the sand, and the combination creates a powerful feeling of sitting or walking on a beach. The combination of cream and aqua color is great for Guesthouses and beach houses. However, you can use them in your house to create a house-like beach environment in your interiors.

Coral Pink and Purple

Coral Pink and purple colors are beautiful combinations for bedrooms and kids rooms. As most kids like pink and purple colors, you can use the combination in their room.  Moreover, Coral pink and purple creates a cosy environment and are best suitable for bedrooms and guest rooms. If you have a chair table in your bedroom, you can also send them in purple color to create a contrast with the Coral Pink walls. 

Grey and Golden

The combination of grey and golden color in any space can create a vintage style environment in your house. You can paint the walls with light grey shade and paint the furniture with golden color. Also, the pillow covers and cushions can create the magic you want for a vintage appeal. The combination of Grey and Golden creates a cosy environment and works both for living rooms and bedrooms. Most people use the combination in their first room, that is the common space for visitors and family members.    

Royal Red and Blue

Image Source: Thesleepjudg

This room features some pretty nice, bold jewellery tones that always look fantastic together. Royal blue and red help complement each other without being too solid, given the fact that they are usually color contrasting. This would be a perfect paint scheme for a master bedroom or even a guest room set up.

Oriental blue and dark Ash 

Oriental blue is one of the safest Colors for interior walls of any house. It is best for the hormones located in a location that witnesses a warm climate for most months of the year. The combination of Oriental blue and dark Ash paint color can work awesome for Contemporary homes.

This is because of we cool and white rent Oriental blue shade for enough to spread a vibe of Life and spirit into your interiors. On the other hand, the Ash Grey shade create a compact and prevent vibrance from becoming excessive.

Tulip yellow and cream pie

Yellow is a wonderful color for any interior space, whether it’s the living room or bedroom. Yellow color Signifies togetherness and Suit the living room as it is a place where all the family members get together at least once a day. Yellow is one of the best shades of yellow color and can Liven up any room as it is neither too poppy nor too dirty. 

When combined with cream pie shade, it becomes a wonderful combination. If you want to create a combination of yellow and cream color in your living room, you can Paint your chair and dining table in the cream shade. Pairing the Tulip yellow with cream color create Inviting environment for guests and family members. 

Muted Green and Light Brown

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Image Source: Thesleepjudge

This bedroom features a beautiful light brown color combined with a broad green or almost aqua hue. Brown and green / aqua colors match together very well, and the color combination is common in wedding celebrations or even anniversary parties. The pairing is also going well in the bedrooms, as you can see in the picture.

Navy Blue and white

With its center stage blue and white highlights, this color combination is the most streamlined interior color combination of wall paint. This color combination brings a lot of depth to your home and makes the interiors look tidy and elegant. The combination also makes your rooms appear more spacious making it a simple choice for your kitchen.

Earthy Elegance

This warm earthy shade, rusty and muted, takes its marks from raw clay. Paired with furniture and accessories from around the world, the hue can create a boho-style interior or as an earthy backdrop to south-western-style decor. The earthy hues are best for homeowners who want a blend of classic shades and modern colors in their homes. 

Plum Island and Grape Delight 

Plum Island on the accent wall offers a soft look to this living room, ideal for offering royal treatment for your guests. On the ceiling, the Grape Delight, a lighter hue, opens the room and allows it to look moody.

Therefore both Plum Island and Grape Delight can offer a sophisticated appeal to your place, but not an uninviting one.  

Turquoise and Cream

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A combination of turquoise and cream color can be fantastic for areas like living rooms and bedrooms. Decorating a living room wall with turquoise paint and creating a contrast with cream colors can serve as an attractive backdrop. Another way to use the combination is to paint an accent wall with turquoise color and paint the furniture and trim with a cream color. 

Sky blue and bright colors

Sky blue is a natural color that you can use with a variety of happy, bright colors. The light or the sky blue combined with the bright yellow is the exact reflection of a sunny day. This color scheme will work best in a child’s bedroom or even as a guest bedroom in a house outside the country. The bright colors help make the room look larger.

Final Words

These are some awesome combinations of paint colors for homes. However, any color combination works well only when painted by professional painters with years of experience. People who live in Artarmon can hire the house painters Artarmon to paint their house. Following the color combinations in this post can help homeowners to enhance the aesthetic appeal and value of their homes. 

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