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A Complete List of Best Facility Management Software’s 2019




Are you looking for facility management software for management and administration? The software can help in making things very easy and convenient for you. Using the latest technologies and software has become a part of our life in order to make everything easier and convenient.

Managing facility is not easy. You need to keep the equipment and work-space in the right condition while keeping in mind the safety. Managing facilities is way more difficult using traditional methods like documents, paper, and spreadsheets. These methods are not only inconvenient but very time-consuming.  Thanks to the rise in technology there is facility management software that can be used to make everything easier. Using traditional methods is not only time consuming but can many times creating a lot of confusion and hassle too. It is always better to use facility management as it is a perfect solution.  There are a number of management software that offers multi-functional benefits and features. In addition to that, the facility management software can also help in lowering maintenance costs.  These features allow you to manage the assets efficiently without even being physically present. The facility management is simply amazing and can benefit your business in many ways so do not waste your time in using spreadsheets and word files. Here is a list of best facility management software 2019

  1. Quick Base

Quick Base is facility management software that is designed to help in increasing the effectiveness of the operations. It is no code facility management software. The software is mobile friendly scalable application. The software also helps in automating manual processes in the best possible way. It offers wide features like tracking, management, and maintenance features making it one of the most advanced facility management application.


  • No code application.
  • Maintenance request management tool.
  • Reliable asset tracking.
  1. ServiceNow Facility Management

The ServiceNow facility management software allows you to improve the resources, allows preventive maintenance, and also prioritizes the services. The software was created keeping in mind the facility managers and to provide them top-class features. You can use the software to meet up your business goals, effective operations, improve staff productivity, and manage cost.


  • Interactive move management tool.
  • Comprehensive management tools.
  • Unified record system.
  1. iLab Core Facility Management

The iLab core facility management software is designed to manage the assets in a better way. The software provides an effective feature which includes resources scheduling, invoices for managing clients, and tracking. The system can also be used to manage the finances. The software is available for an annual subscription.


  • Business intelligence capabilities.
  • Straightforward request management.
  • Intuitive resource scheduling


  1. BlueFolder

BlueFolder is a Computerized Maintenance Management System/Software which possibly includes every feature you require for property management and maintaining the facilities. CMMS based software allows you to do proper scheduling and reporting. The software is best suited for businesses that are facing some kind of problems with staffing.


  • Customer portal.
  • Availability of mobile version.
  • Invoice and billing tools.
  1. Corrigo

Corrigo is CMMS software brings automation in facility management like clients, customers, staff, and technicians. The application is very effective, mobile friendly and provides analytics anywhere and at any time. One of the most outstanding features of the application is that it offers asset management options and shows all of the important notifications.


  • Automates daily tasks without any command.
  • Availability of Mobile application.
  • Shows advanced data analytics.
  1. Fiix Software

Fiix software is again CMMS software that is quite inexpensive. The software is designed to help businesses and organizations manage, maintain and keep track of the equipment and various other assets. You can import the data of your organization into the system. You can also import maintenance data and GPS locations. The software allows you to manage all the assets effectively and improve the overall maintenance.


  • A cloud-based system that takes very less time to integrate.
  • You can add equipment and assets using mobile and locate assets using GPS.
  • Attach important information to every asset separately.
  • Track assets.
  • Can search missing information on the equipment.
  1. E-work Orders

eWork is a CMMS software that is used for managing various assets. The software can be used in various industries like fitness, healthcare, business, etc. The software is designed to manage different kinds of assets efficiently. It delivers quick and highly accurate reports. The application works on all types of devices. It is an affordable internet-based maintenance management system.


  • Keeps a track on the time and bills automatically.
  • The setup can be installed quickly.
  • The application comes with technical support and updates.
  1. QWare

QWare is a CMMS which is quite easy to learn. It is one of the simplest facility maintenance software. The software is very easy to implement and can be done in a matter of a few minutes. You can customize the software as per your needs at a quite affordable price. The software can be used by various organizations to manage facilities and assets.


  • Maintenance activity for records and reports.
  • Can be accessed using any mobile device.
  • The downtime is limited
  1. Upkeep

The CMMS software allows you to maintain and manage assets effectively. The software allows you to get timely reports at any point in time. The software also has notifications which allow the members to get an insight into the facility even when they are not physically present there. You can also use the software to make a checklist which allows you to prioritize your work.


  • You can manage work order using the application.
  • Make data-driven decisions.
  • Run financial audits and reports.
  1. EAM Tools

The software is a combination of CMMS and EAM. It is a perfect solution to improve the overall performance of assets which helps in reducing the maintenance and operational cost. The software can be used in a wide variety of industries and organizations.


  • Scheduling the work order is quite simple.
  • The software allows proper scheduling and maintenance.
  • Can be used using mobile devices.


Well, investing in facility management software can be one of the best things for your organization. It not only gives a better way to manage and maintain the assets but is very important today. In today’s era managing the entire scheduling and reports work over spreadsheets and papers is simply very exhausting and time-consuming. It is inconvenient and gets very difficult to manage over time. The facility management software solutions are cost-effective method for the management of facilities anywhere and at any time. Facility management is not easy you need to take care of so many things and it can be more difficult when you have to rely on traditional methods of facility management. The software allows you to have better control over the assets which helps in reducing the maintenance and management cost to a great extent.

You can find top class facility management software that caters to the requirements of different organizations and industries. The software offers a wide array of flexibility and selection of different features. So, make sure to choose software that fits your organization’s needs.