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A Complete Guide To House For Sale By Owner

It is a good idea to sell your house directly to potential buyers without any help from Realtor. It could save you thousands of dollars or even more. It is really tempting to put all the money in your pocket rather than giving some brokerage amount to the realtor.



Nowadays, most homeowners put their homes for sale without hiring real estate agents. After all, nobody wants to spend their hard-earned money on real estate agents, if you can manage the entire house selling process on your own.

Usually, the brokerage amount of selling a house is 6% to 7% of the selling price. This is actually a big chunk of money that you can put inside your pocket if you sell your home directly. 

If you are a DIY type person, then taking the challenge of selling your house without the help of any broker is a good idea.

You should read the following tips before listing your house for sale in the market:

  1. Do Deep Research About MLS

You should do the intense research and identify the few websites that will let you post your house for sale. Usually, these websites will charge a few amounts that you can pay easily. If you need additional services, then you have to pay more.

But, before listing your house for sale, you should find a good website. For instance, if you want to put your cheap houses for sale in Cleveland Ohio, then find some good online websites.

  1. Find Your Competitors

Take a look in your area and find out how many people are selling their houses at what price. This will give you a clear idea that how many competitors you have and what kind of marketing skills they are using. You should perform better than your competitors to get a good return value.

  1. Pick Your List Price

All real estate agents do market analysis while calculating a home’s list price. If you are in any doubt, then you should start with the lowest price possible. If you will overprice your house, then it will sit in the selling market for many months.

It will consequently force you to sell your property at a very less price. Therefore, you should price it appropriately in the beginning so that you do not find any trouble later on.  

  1. Get Ready For Staging

Now, it is time to prepare your house for showtime. You should deep clean your house, repaint it, and fix the minor repairs. Potential buyers will ready to pay a good price if your house is well-maintained and organized.

Also, do marketing of your house. For example, if you want to sell your house in Cleveland, then do marketing by saying cheap homes for sale Cleveland Ohio, and get ready to show it to your potential customers.

  1. Click Good Pictures Of House

You should hire a professional photographer to click some good pictures of your house. According to the study, good listing photos will let you sell your house for a good price.

If you upload pictures of your house clicked by your phone camera, then it will turn off your potential buyers due to the bad quality of pictures.

  1. List It On The MLS

If you want to sell your house fast, then you should list it with an MLS service. If you want to have additional services, then you have to pay more such as yard signs, various listing photos, and listing flyers.

These services are a must because, without these services, you will not be able to sell your house quickly. You can take premium services that let you send thousands of personalized emails to potential home buyers.

  1. Always Be Available

You should have plenty of time when you have decided to sell your house. It is so because any potential customer can approach you anytime and you have to be available to show your house. Otherwise, you will miss your golden opportunities.

You should take time off from work to sell your house quickly. For instance, if you want to put your new homes for sale in Cleveland Ohio, then you should take leave from your work for some time.

  1. Hire A Real Estate Attorney

The real estate attorney will help you in paperwork. They will handle the contract, application process, and the entire transaction process on behalf of you. It will be difficult for you to handle all the paperwork on your own.

Therefore, you should consider hiring a real estate attorney. The real estate attorney will help you to negotiate the contract terms and take care of loan agreements as well.

  1. Close The Deal

If you want to protect yourself from extra expenses, then you should ask your attorney to review the entire transaction process, sale agreement thoroughly.

After that, go for a title company to close the deal. If any issue takes place in title work, then you should ask your title agent to complete the entire process as soon as possible.

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