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A Brief Review on Roof Safety Anchor Points



Professionals who work at heights are at higher risk of fatalities and more prone to mishaps. It has been observed that over 26 workers are killed every year by falling from heights while working and over 7000 injuries are reported every year. If you are a contractor or employee who works often in heights, then it is essential that you have the right roof safety anchor points so as to prevent the deaths and injuries caused by fall fatalities. It is essential for employers to guarantee a safe working environment for all its employees, especially those who are at risk of injuries and death while working. It is a punishable offense if the employer fails to provide optimal safety to employees while working in heights. To provide the right roof anchor points to every employee that works at a height and risk their life to get the job done.

What Actually Is Roof Safety Anchor Points?

Roof safety anchor points are the equipment which is used in tandem with other height safety protection equipment like the lanyard fall protection system or harnesses. There are both permanent as well as temporary roof anchor points are available. It is necessary to install the anchor points accurately so as to prevent the employees from fall fatalities while working in greater heights. There are many different points which you are required to consider while choosing the best anchor points for roofs. In any case there not be a single moment when the focus is lost. The force required b anchor points to withstand, the type of anchor point which is best to connect and the type of work which you want to perform with the help of anchor points are some of the factors to consider. Moreover, the type of roof where you are intending to connect the roof safety anchor points is also an important consideration while buying the anchor points.

Different Types of Roof Safety Anchor Points

  • Fall Arrest System – This is the type of roof anchor point that is mainly designed to provide protection to employees when they free fall through space. This anchor point system arrests the employees in mid air and hence prevents them from falling and also lowers the impact at a lower level. It is the most commonly used tool among the workers.
  • Rope Access System – This is the type of anchor point which is designed to provide fall protection to the workers when none of the traditional methods work at heights. This anchor system allows the works to ascend, descend and traverse ropes when they are literally suspended by their harness or the work seat. The support should be strong enough and made sure is safe for usage at high areas. You also have to check the maximum weight it can carry.

When selecting the best roof safety anchor points you need to determine which type of anchorage point is actually suitable for the work at height and the amount of weight support that you expect from the anchor points.

How to Choose the Right Roof Safety Anchor Points?

There are a few crucial points that you need to consider while choosing the right roof safety anchor points.

  • Anchor bolts must be inspected and certified by professionals
  • Wood needs to be certified by engineers
  • Steel member is always required
  • Through bolts and plate washers must also be inspected carefully before choosing
  • You also need to inspect and evaluate the load bearing capacity of the roof anchor points
  • The equipment it must include are concrete imbeds; turnbuckles, eyebolts, beam clamps and all must be used in combination with the anchor points.

When buying the roof safety anchor points you also need to consider whether it is having energy absorbing properties or not. It is important when you need more flexible anchor points which are perfect to be used for industrial, domestic and commercial construction.

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