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9 Worst Myths about Weight Loss



Most people have been looking at weight loss the wrong way. There are a lot of myths that we believe and we practice. And at the end of the day, we do not really achieve what we want. This is because we believe the lies that we hear around us. If you really want to lose weight, here is a list of myths that you should start throwing out the window:

The only way to lose weight is to avoid carbs

Cutting carbohydrates in your diet is not a good idea. Even if you are trying to lose weight, your body still needs it to be converted into energy. The best thing that you can do is to limit your carbohydrates and eat only the amount that you need for the day. You can add forty percent of carbohydrates to your meal. This is enough to be converted to energy that is enough for the day. Instead of focusing on avoiding carbohydrates and feeling stressed the whole day because you cannot eat enough of the food that you want, why not consider other weight loss options? You can consider regular exercises and cutting processed food. You should not put all the blame on the number of carbohydrates in your meal.

You can’t eat after dark

Imagine ending a day full of activities. You will definitely find yourself craving for food. It is not bad to eat dinner after dark. However, you also need to choose the food that you will be adding to your meal. There are foods that are hard to digest and these should be scrapped from your menu. Pizza, pasta, and large volumes of meat are just a few of the foods that are not recommended for your supper. Eating dinner earlier is recommended so that you will still have time to digest and process it before you sleep. But it does not really add to more your weight. A regular meal is important in building your immune system. Do not let a myth become a reason for you to deviate from a healthy eating habit.

Cutting fat from your diet helps you lose weight

Fat is not totally bad for your health. You should not cut it from your diet just because you want to lose weight. According to experts, it is healthy for a person to consume fats that is equivalent to 20 percent of their total calorie intake within the day. But it should be noted that this should not come from saturated fats. There are different benefits that you can get from fats such as reduction of heart diseases. If you want to make sure that you are consuming the right fats, you can change the ones found in your kitchen to coconut oil or red palm oil.

Food that tastes food is always bad for you

This is one of the most absurd myths that you must not believe in. Not all food that tastes good is bad. You should change your basis into something more rational. Before you judge the meal that you are going to consume, check if it is composed of natural food or it is processed. This is a more rational way of deciding if you should include it in your diet.

Certain foods or drinks boost your metabolism

If you are going to watch advertisements, you will hear false statements about food. Some would say that eating a certain food will help you boost your metabolism. This is a myth because your metabolism depends on a lot of things such as your immune system. There are different things that can affect it such as your activities, your sleeping patterns and other areas that may affect your body.

Going gluten-free is the solution to weight loss

Instead of going gluten-free, a person should just consider natural food for their diet. It should be understood that gluten is a type of protein. If you are aiming to lose weight, you should consider eating more protein for your breakfast because it will give you more energy and will lessen your craving for unhealthy food. If you are going to eliminate gluten in your breakfast, you will just allow yourself to much more carbohydrates. A gluten-free diet is for people whose physical body have the negative reaction to this protein. It is not for weight loss.

You need a jump start to lose weight

Most people believe that they need to wake up one day and change everything about their life just to lose weight. This is a myth because weight loss can be done anytime. You should start from one area to another. You can start by going natural with the food that you eat. After some time, you can now decide to exercise and integrate it into your everyday life. The point is, there are simple ways on how you can lose weight. You do not have to totally switch the whole lifestyle.

Fat makes you fat

You need to debunk the myth that fat makes you fat. There are studies showing that not all types of fat can make you gain weight. Findings in a certain study show that fats contain empty calories. To make this simpler, eating food that contains fat makes you stop consuming more carbohydrates and protein afterwards. This will help you suppress your cravings for other food. What you need to check is the source of the food and calories that you are taking. You should avoid fatty junk food because it will definitely add more calories to your diet.

Doesn’t matter what you eat as long as you count calories

Putting a limit on your calories will not guarantee that you are going to lose weight. Just like what has been provided above, you need to eat more protein during the breakfast. This will help you feel full for a longer time. Instead of counting calories, you should start evaluating the nutrient content of the food that you are eating. The calories matter but this is not the only guideline that you should think about if you really want to lose weight.

Debunking the myths that are mentioned in this article will help you make your weight loss program more effective. If you want to know if the technique will really help you lose weight, you can check the scientific explanation of each. These old and traditional ways of looking at weight loss will not really help you. Exercise, a natural diet and a healthy lifestyle are just a few of the real determinants of a healthy weight. Do not let yourself be deceived.