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8 Ways in Which AI Technology Will Transform Our Lives



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Technology is advancing at a breathtaking speed as more and more people are getting their hands on the latest equipment with fast speed internet access like Frontier FiOS. For decades, artificial intelligence has been a fascinating concept in science fiction, but with such advanced technology, researchers believe that artificial intelligence is becoming the latest trend that many individuals and companies would like to incorporate in their personal and professional lives.

There is no doubt in the fact that machines are able to decipher complex information and can recognize patterns much faster and accurately than humans and all this is possible because of artificial intelligence as it speeds up the process and allows more integration with other devices. Artificial intelligence will definitely impact our daily lives in the near future.

Here are 8 different ways that Artificial Intelligence might affect our lives:

  1. Automatic Transportation

We have already witnessed self-driven cars, although these cars require the presence of a driver for safety measures.  There are some very exciting developments in production but they still need to be perfected in order to be released to the public. Google started testing self-driving cars in 2012 and ever since the company has made major improvements. Tesla has recently launched its autopilot feature which allows you to take your hands off the wheel and the car drives itself. It will definitely take some time for people to accept this and incorporate it into their personal lives.

  1. Cyborg Technology

It’s quite possible for us to augment ourselves with machines and computers to enhance our own natural abilities. Cyborg technology will act as an added convenience and it may start working to serve a more practical purpose. Studies suggest that artificial intelligence will be useful for the general public as it can communicate, work on its own, and most importantly, serve as a personal assistant.

  1. Hazardous Jobs

Humans are fragile beings and some tasks are very dangerous and the hope is that robots can perform these dangerous tasks for us. Machines are already doing hazardous jobs such as bomb defusing. Although you do need a human being for controlling the machines, with the emergence of artificial intelligence, this tasks is also delegated to the machines who can control other devices. There are many other jobs that are being considered for robots.

  1. Solutions to Climatic Change

Providing solutions to climatic change may seem like a difficult job for a robot, however, it is important to realize that computers and machines have unlimited access to data and information. This is because computers and machines collect data from all over the internet and analyze the patterns. Therefore, artificial intelligence can provide information in a much more precise way than humans. In addition to this, machines can make future predictions by identifying ongoing trends and solve issues beforehand.

  1. Friendship with Robots

Most robots are emotionless and it’s hard for them to relate to you on a personal level. But a company in Japan has developed a robot that is capable of showing emotions and can sense the mood of the people around it, which makes this robot a very desirable asset. The name of this particular robot was Pepper and it was offered for sale in 2015, where the first 1000 units of this robot were sold within one minute. Pepper is capable of displaying real emotions and is programmed to develop emotions on its own as well, which makes it a completely new invention.

There are some robots that are designed specifically to clean your home. These robots use artificial intelligence to scan the size of your house and the best thing is that the route of cleaning can be saved in their storage.

  1. Improved Health Care

Artificial Intelligence has significantly improved health care by introducing new techniques for diagnosing diseases. People can actually find medicine more easily and can get instant attention in case of an emergency.

Senior citizens often face the problem of getting less attention and they feel the need to hire someone who can take the responsibility of managing their care and fulfilling their needs and requirements. Artificial intelligence can help in this regard as well, there are robots which are specifically designed for this purpose.

  1. Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants are now quite common because they are already built in as an extra feature in almost all the latest smartphones. These intelligent assistants help you find information on the internet using just your voice. In addition to this, you can also message or call someone by just saying the words to your phone and the voice assistant will automatically decipher your command and act upon it. Artificial intelligence in these systems collect and analyze information according to your requirements and serve you with the best results possible.

  1. Video Games

Artificial intelligence has completely revolutionized the way people play games. With the emergence of artificial intelligence, video games have become more advanced and the graphics have been enhanced to deliver a unique customer experience. Artificial intelligence has increased significantly over the past few years and its involvement in the gaming world has increased the effectiveness and the complexity of the games. Games like Call of Duty and Far Cry make use of artificial intelligence where users can learn about the environment in which they are playing and see everything on the screen in high definition.

As technology is becoming more and more advanced, it is quite evident that artificial intelligence will very soon become an important aspect in our lives. This interaction with technology will surely help us evolve over time with a brighter future where experts will be able to predict natural disasters like an earthquake and minimize the damage.