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8 Benefits of Effective Car Maintenance



Car Service Specialist

As we need to maintain every item or appliance we purchase for our use, maintaining a car is essential for its working and long life. Like our houses, home appliances, and everything we use needs maintenance, it is necessary to maintain a car.

Many people purchase a car and use it regularly for commuting, but fail to maintain it. The result is a loss of necessary things like power, performance, and mileage. Moreover, a car that is not maintained and serviced on time needs more repairs over time.

People who maintain their cars well save a lot of money on fuel and unnecessary repairs that others spend over the years. As there are many benefits of maintaining a vehicle, let us discuss them all in this post.

Regular Service

The regular service of a car is the best thing anyone can offer to his or her vehicle. Your car manufacturer advises a routine service schedule in the manual of the vehicle. It is essential to get the car serviced as per the schedule in the manual to maintain the health of components. The advantages of routine service of a car are enhanced engine life, high mileage, long life of components, low pollution, excellent power, and performance. Therefore, every car owner should get their vehicle services at the right time, as mentioned in the service manual.

Maintenance of mileage

The mileage of a vehicle depends on a variety of factors like service, engine health, engine oil, tire pressure, condition of tires, quality of fuel, etc. However, maintaining a single factor does not guarantee you good mileage. Therefore, it is essential to maintain the overall health of your car to get good mileage all the time. Servicing your car regularly, checking and maintaining the level of fluids, maintaining the tire pressure, and using good quality of fuel can enhance the mileage of any vehicle. Maintaining your car enables you to get high mileage that can save the money you spend on fuel over time.

Long life of components

Every car has components that suffer wear and tear with time and needs replacement. Car parts like tires, brake pads, rubber belts, clutch plates, gaskets, get worn, and requires replacement. Inadequate maintenance leads to wear and tear of components before the expected time, and you need to replace them sooner. Frequent replacements lead to more spending of money that increases the cost of vehicle maintenance. Therefore, it is better to maintain the fluids in your car to avoid the wear and tear of components. Moreover, checking the components during routine services helps in improving their life and reduce the overall cost of maintenance. 

Engine Health

The engine is the heart and primary component of any vehicle, whether it is a two-wheeler, car of a bigger vehicle. Many things contribute to engine health. However, taking care of your engine is a part of the maintenance of your car. As the heart is the most essential part of the human body engine is the same for a car. As a heart attack can lead to the death of the human body, engine failure means the death of a car. 

On the other hand, a healthy engine means you can run your car for years over the years without any hassles until the validity of your vehicle registration. Engine health also helps you demand a good resale price while selling your car to another person. Here are some highly effective ways to keep your engine in excellent condition over the years. 

Check the engine oil regularly – The engine oil provides lubrication of internal components that rub against each other and produce friction. Engine oil reduces friction among these parts and supports the engine to run smoothly and produce the required power and performance. The oil also protects the running parts in the engine from wear and tear and enhances their life. The level of oil should always be between the minimum and maximum level marks. In case the oil has reduced, you should immediately top up the oil to maintain its level.

Replace the engine oil – The engine oil of every car needs replacement at a given number of run miles. The figure is different for different cars and is mentioned in the manual of the vehicle. You can also ask the service guys about the right time for the replacement of oil. Replacing the oil at the right time helps the engine parts run clean all the time and hence enhance their life.  

Never overload the vehicle – Every car or vehicle can load a specific amount of weight of passengers and luggage. One should never let more passengers or load heavy stuff in the vehicle. Some people overload their vehicles by loading more passengers or luggage while going on trips. Overloading the car with anything can put stress on the engine that leads to wear and tear of parts and production of more heat and vibrations. All these things like heat, noise, vibration are signs of hurting the engine and reduction of its life.  

Use of the car – Every car is designed for a specific use. For example, the engine of luxury cars is designed for daily commuting and running at average speeds on standard roads and highways. On the other hand, the engine of sports cars are designed to run at high speeds and on tracks and highways, but not for city traffic. The engine of SUV cars is made, especially for hilly roads and off-road conditions.

Now, one should use a car for the purpose it is made, and on the roads for which its engine is designed. For example, you should not use a standard hatchback or luxury car for racing or off-roading, as doing so can spoil the engine parts. Similarly, driving a sports car in the city traffic for the long term can damage the engine. So, using a car for the purpose, its engine is designed for maintains the health of the engine and hence its life and resale value.

Maintaining the tires

Tires are essential parts of a car that provides the necessary road grip and safety while braking. Car owners should keep their tires in good condition to get improved acceleration, road grip, and braking. The tires get worn over time and need replacement after running several miles. You should replace your tires at the right time before they get completely worn as worn tires can lead to skids and unsafe braking. Also, it is essential to maintain the air pressure in tires to prevent early wear and tear and improper braking. Maintaining the air pressure and replacing the tires at the right time improves the safety of your car and maintains the mileage.

Body Paint

The body paint is also an essential part of your car as it maintains the visual appeal of your car and protects the metal body of the vehicle. Paint not only enhances the looks of a car but also protects the metal sheets from corrosion due to humidity and acids in the environment. 

Therefore, car owners should take great care of the body paint and follow all the things required for doing so. The key to maintaining body paint is car detailing, which includes cleaning, rubbing, polishing, and waxing of the car.

It is essential to wash your car at least once a week with the recommended car shampoo and then to apply a layer of wax for protection. Car wax forms a layer of protection that protects the paint from the sun, water, environmental acids, and bird spills. Moreover, you should take your car to the detail body shop for treatment once every six months, where they apply rubbing compound, polish, and wax for enhanced protection of paint.

Maintaining the body paint does not require you to repaint and also improves the resale value of a car. The used car buyers always check the paint of the car as the thing they first notice is the visual appeal of your car. 

Careful driving

In addition to maintaining all these things, as mentioned in the above points, it is also essential to drive your car carefully. It is best to drive at average speeds that are neither too low nor too high. Driving at average speeds offer you good mileage and does not strain the engine. Careful driving in the right gear and speed also reduces the chances of an accident to a minimum and keeps you and your family safe.

Resale Value

In addition to keeping your car in proper health, all these points also help you sell your car at a good value if you plan to sell. Used car buyers check all these things while looking to buy a car. Therefore, taking good care of your car by routine service and replacements of worn parts can help you get good value while selling it. It is also easy to finance a car in excellent condition than a poorly maintained car. Services like car finance Brisbane can help buyers get a loan for buying a car. 

Final Words

These are the tips and benefits of effective car maintenance. Following these tips can help car owners to maintain their vehicles and ride them over the years. Moreover, they can get a good resale value from their buyers while selling their cars.