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7 Yoga Trends to Look Out for in 2021

As you know, yoga exists for thousands of years. However, the discipline that we are practicing now is very different from the original – there are many styles and variations. And same as other things, yoga keeps on changing, so there are always new yoga trends!




7 Yoga Trends to Look Out for in 2021

Join us to find out about new and exciting yoga trends!

Yoga has become a popular and widespread discipline over the past decades.  Because of the hectic times, we are experiencing, many of us are looking for a way to get some relief from stress, and yoga proved to be quite effective in this respect.  is an ancient discipline that originated in India. Although the core of yoga always remains the same, the techniques have been changing over time. The result is that today we have plenty of styles of yoga such as Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, etc.  Besides that, there are always new yoga trends!

We know that practicing yoga brings a lot of benefits for both physical and mental health.  An interesting piece of information is that about 87% of people who are practicing yoga feel happier after a class. But when you are a beginner or just someone who is thinking about maybe trying it out, you might be completely confused by all these types and, above all, by yoga trends.  These yoga trends bring a modern form of yoga, but also new approaches to traditional styles, which makes them perfect for experienced yogis and beginners.  But, when it comes to these trends, we must say that it is not simple to pick just one or two. After consulting the experts, we decided to create this list of the most exciting yoga trends for 2021. 

Cool Yoga Trends 

You have already heard maybe about Beer Yoga and Goat Yoga! Maybe you have even tried them! But do you know other yoga trends? Let’s see what is cooking and what top yoga trends in 2021 are going to be. 

SUP Yoga 

SUP, known as paddleboard yoga was created in the USA in 2013.  When practicing this kind of yoga, people are changing between postures while standing on the paddleboard.  Of course, this needs to be done on calm water, for example, a lake.  Beginners who opt for this yoga hybrid are recommended to first take lessons in the swimming pool or even on the beach. That is because they need to develop strength and flexibility to be able to keep the balance when the board is floating.  This is one of the best yoga beach trends, and it is pretty popular among people who like to spend time close to the water. Those who are practicing it say that they particularly appreciate it as a good physical workout as it strengthens the core muscles, but also as an exercise to improve mental focus. 

Aerial Yoga 

Maybe you already came across photos of people doing yoga while sort of hanging upside down?! Or you went to a studio with the idea to enter a class and saw something like a circus act?! Yeah, we are sure that you must be completely puzzled by seeing this, particularly when the only image of yoga that you have is that one of traditional style.  What you have seen is called aerial yoga, it is a hybrid developed in 2014.  If you want to practice it, you need a special type of hammock that you can attach to the ceiling, and that can support up to 600 pounds.  It works like a swing that is designed to support your hips during the exercises. People who are practicing aerial yoga say that it is one of the best yoga industry trends as it doesn’t require any particular skills. Besides that, it is low to zero impact physical activity that shows to be incredibly effective as abs as well as a cardio workout.   

Chair Yoga 

Chair yoga is not new at all, but as its popularity isn’t dropping, it can be listed as one of the yoga market trends.  It was developed in 1982 by Lakshmi Voelker –Binder.  Using chairs in yoga isn’t uncommon, but she created this specific type as a way to help people with certain conditions such as osteoarthritis. Generally, it is liked by people who prefer low to medium-difficult levels when practicing postures (asanas). Research into ways how this type of yoga affects rheumatic diseases and osteoarthritis shows that the impact is pretty low. However, it is beneficial for older people in terms of improving general fitness levels. 


You know, a lot of men don’t want to even hear about yoga, let alone consider practicing it. They say that it is slow and not demanding, and thus they perceive it as a feminine activity. If you are one of those guys, our advice is not to jump to conclusions so quickly.  Have you ever heard about broga?  It is one of the specific yoga trends designed by men to accommodate the specific needs of men. It is also becoming widespread among athletes of both sexes because it allows people who are not very flexible to practice yoga.  Broga is more focused on fitness than on meditation and breathing. Additionally, it involves multiple reps and sets intending to increase the mobility of the body. It doesn’t completely forego the essence of yoga, but the exercises are supposed to be much more physically challenging. Broga is considered one of the good yoga health trends as it improves cardiovascular health and increases core strength. 

Eco Yoga 

Hearing this might make you think that it is some kind of eco-friendly thing. We understand why you might think this, but actually, it is about something else. You see, the thing is that most of us spend a lot of time indoors. And this is even more true now in the time of COVID – 19. We eco yoga is one of the yoga trends that encourages us to practice yoga outside. It isn’t a new concept – you have probably seen people doing yoga in the parking lot of times by now. We feel that it is worth mentioning as we think its popularity will continue to grow in 2021. You need just a  nice eco-friendly mat and comfortable clothes, and you are good to go out to your backyard or park and start your session.

Virtual Yoga 

We are pretty sure you know what kind of yoga trend is this!  Technology entered every sphere of our lives, including fitness in general and, of course, yoga. Therefore there are plenty of yoga videos on YouTube and other platforms, as well as DVDs. But now, you have more and more yoga studios that are creating personalized tutorials. The thing is that instructors know that a lot of people struggle to find time to come to the classes. That is why they are offering these instructional videos to specific students where they besides exercises, including breathing techniques, personalized nutrition tips, etc.  

HIIT Yoga 

When people want to lose weight, yoga is not first on their list of exercises to include in their routine.  Yeah, we understand that because it appears as slow, it is hard to imagine it is effective for weight loss. But not only that it is in general, but there is also a specific type, called HIIT Yoga, that is more than efficient.  What is it? Well, it’s a combination, we can say even, a love child between yoga and High-Intensity Interval  Training.  It retains all the elements of conventional yoga that allow it to be accessible to everyone regardless of fitness level but includes a cardio workout to improve stamina, core strength, balance, and agility.  It usually has three segments – the flow,  toga inspired HIIT training, and stretches.  

Final Word 

Both traditional yoga and new yoga trends are conquering the world by and large! Since its ever-developing discipline, yoga studios and instructors need to make sure to be informed and updated so they can provide classes suitable for everyone’s needs. Are you practicing yoga? Do you know about some trends that we forgot to mention?  In the end, we would like to invite you to check the best exercise equipment, in case you are interested in fitness topics. 

Kevin has been writing content for about 3 years. He really wants to share his experiences and advice with anyone who cares about health and fitness. He enjoys helping people achieve their fitness goals with simple instructions and overcoming any obstacles on the way.