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7 Wonderful Reasons to Visit Paris with Kids




Families travel majorly intending to make their kids feel happy. There are people across the world who make the best out of their wanderlust. When it comes to selecting a destination for traveling, people often get perplexed. A family comprises of all age groups, and hence it becomes essential to plan to visit a destination that gives fun access to all of them. Kids are equal to fun, happiness, excitement, and thrill. Usually, kids are taken to travel to the places that have amusement parks, technologically built up monuments, beaches, in short to the sites that fascinate them the most. 

While we are talking about the travel destinations of the world that are worth a visit, it would be wrong to forget one name, and that’s Paris, France. The extraordinary city of the world has a lot to surprise and splendid adults and kids. The City of Lights has a perfect weather mood swing, an incomparable romantic vibe, ease of reaching to the French capital, multiple monuments, enriched culture, astonishing architecture, captivating city place, and fabulous food options. Wait, have I missed something to add to the list that Paris has to offer you? Well, I think not at all. 

Paris has plenty of places that your child may remain stunned after looking at it. Does your kid complaint about the destination you choose to travel together? Trust me to take your kids to Paris and give away your awe! Paris has numerous reasons to answer – Why should you visit Paris with your kids? Standing amidst the top-visited capitals globally, Paris must be your next to-visit destination with your kids. We have blended seven wondrous reasons to visit Paris with your kids. Just go through these reasons, one by one, and I am sure your will to visit it will get more and more powerful. 

1. To make your child see the Eiffel Tower:

Don’t you think that looking at 20,000 lit up lights, your kid would be heavenly happy? Of course, I mean to say that Eiffel tower is the first reason for you and your family to visit Paris, France. No less than an artificially made wonder, Eiffel tower is the pride of Paris. There is a nearby carousel even to the Eiffel tower, that’s where you can take your kids for thrilling experiences. Even, there are many gardens by the tower where you can take your children along and have fn. The view from the 1,063 feet catches your eyes away and surely leave you mesmerized! The tourist vibe of the Eiffel tower will make you love the city more and will even compel you to visit it twice, thrice, and frequently.  

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2. To make your child learn romance for culture:

Paris is known as the City of Lights. To its addition, Paris is also world-famous for romance. The places have such a romantic vibe within that are best for any age group. The culture of the city is all about spreading the love. If you take your kids to Paris, it becomes easy for you to instill in them the love paragnaths. If you make your children habituated to love by making them familiar with a similar culture, I believe that is the best thing you can teach them. Just take a long walk with your little one on the roads of the city of romance to feel the love!

3. To make your child visit modern theme parks:

Not only Paris have cultural wealth, but the city lags nowhere behind in the contemporary approach. Paris has several contemporary amusement parks as well as few old-fashioned theme parks. Disneyland in Paris welcomes the Marvel superheroes and have exciting endeavors that your child will love thoroughly. Adventure land, France miniature, La Mer de Sable Theme Park, and Parc Astérix park are some of the best theme parks in Paris to visit. Every park has something to make your kid go crazy. Also, each one of these has something unique in the form of either festival, celebration, or event. You can spend one entire day in any of these theme parks, and surely they won’t bore you. Kids love rides and amusement parks. Amidst the visit to other city monuments and to-visits, you can take your kid for complete one-day entertainment. 

4. To expose your child to the city heritage:

Paris stands tall in both preserving the cultural significance and progressing with current times. To your wonder, the fashion hub of the world, Paris, shelters some of the finest french art pieces of the world. The elegant  Musée d’Orsay is an art museum that’s incorporated in the previous railway station in 1900 for the exhibition is a place that will leave you awestruck! The art pieces belong to the era between 1848 to 1914 by Monet, Degas, and Renoir. Taking your kid to this french art place will make your task easy to make your kid feel satisfied for this trip. One of the world’s masterpieces, Mona Lisa, is placed in the Louvre museum of Paris. With embarking this, I am pretty sure that I have h=given you one more reason to take your kid to visit Paris! 

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5. To Play with them in the city parks and gardens:1

Paris has cultivated beautiful gardens and public parks inside the city. Children love to play. Of course, their parents can join them in their barmy things. If you don’t get sufficient time to play with your kids, you can take benefit from here. Paris has gardens that have a fresh atmosphere and an active vibe. You can take along your kid for a one-day picnic to any of these gardens. What you can do is pack some food, take along some active, ready to play games, and land on to such parks and places. Spend the entire day with your kids while you can play with them, and they will enjoy their parent’s company. This phenomenon will let your kid feel a closeness to you and would get motivated to do it more regularly. 


6. To educate your child through french trips:

There is nothing wrong with teaching your child on your travel. There are a few places in Paris that can enhance the knowledge of your child. For instance, Versailles, which was the home to the ancient royal rulers, is renowned for historical study. An educational day trip to Saint-Denis Cathedral Basilica is also not a bad deal in Paris. The Royal Necropolis, Monet’s gardens at Giverny, and many more places can help you to educate your child about the famed French culture, art, and history. Paris gives you all types of alternatives to cater to all kinds of distinct demands. While passing your time on travel, if you educate your child a bit, you can make the most out of your trip. You can learn by parallelly having fun with your kid. Who knows, even you get to know something interesting during this!  

7. To make them taste the most delicious food:

Well, well, well, food is everything for kids. Paris has 70 Michelin-starred restaurants, out of which ten restaurants are three-stars. Paris serves many of the best french food varietals. Baguettes, Croissants, Macarons, Eclairs, French cheese, Oysters, Falafel, Couscous, Steak Frites, and Duck confit, are some names of famous french food items. Apart from this, your kids will also love to eat the globally acclaimed and loved french chocolates and pastries. You can take your kid to Paris especially, to make them taste Salted butter caramels. French onion soup and niçoise salad are the two best dishes for kids. Even deserts like mille-feuille will make your kid feel loved and happy. In short, Paris has an extensive food portfolio and a variety of menus. You can, for sure, take your kids to taste the delicious and delightful food of Paris, France. To preserve those unforgettable moments with your kids, one should consider marking the locations visited on a well-defined carte a gratter.

Towards the conclusion – Paris is a perfect travel amalgamation. From cultural courage to historical happiness, from twiddling weather feel to the impressive food stations, from fabulous fashion houses to green gardens, from technological advancement to prehistoric monuments, from amusement parks to saint churches, Paris is home to all the worldly variants. A sophisticated capital city of France is among the most visited tourist cities in the world. It gives entertainment access to all age groups.

Starting from a young tot extending to the senior adult, in Paris, you are not allowed to get bored! If you are a parent and worrying about where to take your kids for the superior travel experience, then trust me, you should visit Paris. Start saving more, plan a trip budget, and pack your bags to leave for Paris. Try to make the most out of the mentioned in the above summary. Comment your travel experience or go out to experience one! 

Author Bio - Rebecca has been closely studying the travel industry trends from quite some time. Intrigued by the booming growth of this sector, she takes interest in penning down her views providing quality insight on current travel trends and also likes to write about food and beverages, particularly wine.