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7 Ways to Speed Up Internet Real Fast




A slow speed Internet can give you all the reasons to get annoyed on a day that is otherwise just perfect. At times, you may hold back from subscribing to the best because of the high costs. However, programs like Spectrum internet assistance program you in this regard with the affordable packages.

That being sorted, here are all the ways through which you can speed up your Internet.

Change Your Internet Service Provider

The foremost solution that comes to your mind is most probably changing your Internet service provider. And rightfully so. Because the chances that your Internet service provider is not offering the best speed in town are high.

However, you should also consider visiting the website of your current Internet service provider as well as its competitors. And compare. If after comparing and going through the details you feel that you have subscribed to the best, then you should consider other ways of speeding up your Internet.

Upgrade Your ISP Plan

You might as well need to upgrade your ISP plan. Which means if you are currently using a dialup connection, you might want to consider DSL. If you are already using the DSL or Cable Internet services, then you should consider the next most fast service available to you. That is in case you are not satisfied with the Internet speed that you currently operate with.

Troubleshoot Your Hardware

You cannot always blame your Internet service provider for the slow speed Internet that you receive. At times you may even have to consider changing your modem or router. Because many times it so happens that the hardware poses problems and you end to blame it on the service provider.

Consider giving a quick reset to your modem and router. You should also check other devices in the house that are using the home Internet connection. If they experience the same issue (slow Internet), then the problem is with the Internet, not your device. Once fixed, you will be able to surf at a much fast speed than before.

Web Optimization for a Slow Connection

It can take a while for troubleshooting your slow Internet. And the chances that while the troubleshooting is taking place you need to use the Internet are high. You might even wish to use the Internet when you are at a coffee shop working from ‘home’ or when you are on a plane. In such cases, you won’t have access to the fast-speed Internet.

Therefore, you need to optimize your web for a slow connection. This means that you should use the HTML or mobile versions of your favorite websites. This also means disabling images and using features like Opera Turbo.

Work Smart

This has to do with you prioritizing your work. If you have to deal with a slow speed connection, then you will also have to see which work to complete first and which one to leave for later. This means that you will have to separate your tasks based on bandwidth heavy and bandwidth light ones.

So, you should work in a way that you get the bandwidth light work done when the connection is slow. And whenever you get access to fast speed Internet, you can work on all the bandwidth heavy tasks. It’s all about managing the tasks.

Install Antivirus Software

Many times it so happens that the device is attacked by viruses. They slow down the speed at which the Internet operates on that device. You may also notice that the viruses tend to slow down the speed of the device as well. Therefore, you should make sure that you install antivirus software to save yourself from the trouble.

Some companies offer the anti-virus feature with their Internet service. However, if your Internet service provider doesn’t do so, consider installing antivirus software. It will save you from immense troubles.

Use Adblock

This is essential. Apart from the annoying nature that they have, the ads can also bog down the speed at which you browse. The situation worsens if you have a slow connection, to begin with. Therefore, if you do not have to load ads, refrain from doing so. Because it also uses more data. Ads also require a longer time for the page to load. So, you should skip them altogether.

If you install Adblock or any other software that blocks ads, you will notice that your browsing speed will improve a lot.

The above-mentioned tricks or tips can help you speed up your Internet. However, you should always make sure that you subscribe to the best available Internet service provider, to begin with. Residents of Maine can opt for Spectrum Maine as it promises fast speed Internet even in the rocky coastline. As for residents of other states, you can check the availability of the internet services in your area as well.