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7 Ways to Enhance your PHP Development Skills

PHP is the one and only dominant programming language when it comes to server scripting and creating websites. Thus for getting yourself an interactive and attractive website, you must consider the Php Development Services offering firms in India.



7 Ways to Enhance your PHP Development Skills 1

PHP is the one and only dominant programming language when it comes to server scripting and creating websites. Thus for getting yourself an interactive and attractive website, you must consider the Php Development Services.

However, if you have that knack for coding and want to create your own website or are a budding PHP developer looking for tips and tricks to polish your skills then here are the 7 ways you can do this.

Comment Your Code

It might increase your work time a little bit. However, you don’t have to worry about it as it has far better benefits then it has demerits. A well-commented code makes it easy to understand the code without going through all the lines of the code. It tells the programmer the functionality of code divided into different sections.

A commented code will not just help you, but also some other programmer to clearly understand the purpose of your code. It also helps in recalling things in case you have forgotten the essence of the code you are working on. So always make sure to write clean and beautiful code.

Variable Naming Convention

This might be one of the most undermined thing in all the programming community. Most of the beginner’s programmer tends to randomly name their variables, without taking into account the thousands of line of code and the various variable name they might have to remember to finish up that code. This small mistake can cost you a naming error during compilation.

So, it is always recommended for you to properly utilize the naming conventions and write self-descriptive variable names. By self-descriptive variable names we mean, variable names that describe themself and you don’t have to worry yourself remember the name of the variable for it. For instance, if you are asking for a name input then instead of naming the variable for it as n, q, or p or any other single character, prefer using the word “name”.

Use Constants

Now let us consider you are writing code to build a website and there is a certain set of lines of code or set of data you need to repeat again again in the code. So what do you do? Well, for one thing, you could just rewrite these certain lines again and again. However, that is going to reduce your programming efficiency and productivity and that is something you would definitely want to avoid. So it is always better to use constants in PHP  for storing these sets of data to be repeated in the code. It also allows you to quickly call upon the error messages, paths, directors, etc.

Object-Oriented Programing

OOPs, or object-oriented programming is one of the most crucial concepts among all programming languages due to its ability to effectively concurrent and represents real-life data in the form of classes, objects, and methods of functionality. So if you are still not familiar with the concepts of object-oriented programming language, then we would recommend you to go and study OOPs concepts in detail

Use <? and ?> instead of <??>

Well, it’s a programing methodology to and standard to use <? and >? inside of your PHP code. However, it also better to use this which is shorthand for <?PHP echo $a; ?>  as these tags are compatible across all the servers and PHP versions. So, if you use <??> instead, then you might encounter an error when running your code on other servers or any other version of the language. So better make sure to check these programming standards to avoid error in your code.

Configuration Files

Configuration files are that part of your code that might be needed to be updated on client demand or while testing or fro any other reason. So if you are merging your regular code with your configuration files then you might end up with a big error message while compiling the code with new configuration settings.

The best and most effective solution for this problem is to separate your configuration files from your script files. You can include these configuration files at the beginning of the script. This will allow you to easily make changes to your configurations without editing the whole script.

Use Indentation

Writing clean and beautiful code has its own importance and using proper indentation and spacing can help you write clean code.

Code Wilson is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by Php Development Services. I would love to share thoughts on Social Media Marketing Services and Game Design Development etc.


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