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7 Ways to Boost the Sales of Your Ecommerce Business



E-commerce sales are vital for the health of online businesses. Alibaba Group Holdings managed to generate $30.7 billion worth of e-commerce revenue in a single day. With greater internet penetration in the coming years, we can expect the e-commerce industry to increase in importance. This growth will reflect on the ability of e-commerce store owners to earn and profit.

The impact of the e-commerce industry stretches in different directions. The growth in the market will open up more and more avenues for e-commerce business owners. However, it is still important to implement strategies which boost sales and ensure success.

Consumer behavior is also influenced by the industry. A gorgeous beige online leather jacket can be ordered with a few clicks. Being stylish is clearly easier in this day and age. The entire process of online shopping provides consumers with a greater amount of convenience and choice.

There are various ways to boost the sales of your e-commerce business.

Use keywords to your benefit

The more traffic that arrives at your e-commerce website, the more revenues you can generate. It is unfortunate how many e-commerce business owners have not been employing the use of keywords effectively. With the right use of relevant keywords, your e-commerce websites will rise in the search engine results. This means that effective search optimization will bring more relevant traffic to your website and provide you with a greater chance to garner conversions.

Brick and mortar shops rely on foot traffic in the shop. E-commerce businesses rely on website traffic. Hence e-commerce business owners need to make sure that their site is visible and accessible to consumers. If a business fails to make its mark on the search engine, it may lose out on a lot of revenue. Keyword research and on-site optimization will ensure that more online traffic arrives at your website.

Optimize the speed of your site

More than half of all mobile users will abandon sites that take longer than 3 seconds to load. Moreover, the sites that load faster tend to have a longer average session than slower sites. This means that a site that loads faster is more likely to maintain the attention of a consumer.  Since a consumer spends more time on a website that loads faster, they are more likely to actually make a purchase too.

E-commerce business owners should make sure that the infrastructure of the e-commerce business encourages the customer to spend more time on the site. If the main goal is boosting sales, a fast loading website is a necessary prerequisite. If you want to garner greater sales, make sure the speed of your website is optimized.

Ensure that your site is aesthetically pleasing

The website should be optimized for the search engine, but it must also be appealing to the human eye. Online traffic alone does not ensure conversions. To ensure that the website is able to capture and maintain the interest of the consumer, it should be aesthetically pleasing. Paying more attention to the design of the website and the quality of product images could increase e-commerce revenues.

The better the consumer experience is, the more memorable the e-commerce website is. A dull and shabby website won’t able to earn the consumer’s trust. On the other hand, a website that seems beautiful and authentic will be able to earn the consumer’s trust easily. Investing time and resources to make your e-commerce website more aesthetically pleasing will be rewarding in the long-run.

Experience on the mobile should be improved

It is true that paying attention to a great website experience on the PC is important. However, it is also important to pay attention to other platforms which bring revenue. An eye out on consumer behavior shows that more and more mobile users are using their devices to purchase online. E-commerce business owners need to make sure their sites are optimized to work efficiently on all platforms, especially mobiles.

A day when most online purchases are made from the mobile is not far away. A superior consumer experience on all channels is beneficial for the perception of your website. Focusing on PC traffic alone isn’t a wise decision. As an e-commerce business owner, you must keep your mobile site optimized.  Satisfying the customer is important to build customer loyalty and garner revenue.

Employ the use of email marketing

Building an email database and using email marketing to the benefit of your e-commerce website is important. Email marketing allows you to connect with the consumer. Moreover, while advertisements may cost you money, email marketing is a cost-effective way of getting the word around. Through email marketing, you can specifically target individuals who have already either bought something or showed interest in an item.

As a cost-effective marketing tool, email marketing can be used to encourage more traffic on your website. Moreover, details of sales and promotions can also be emailed. Since email marketing can easily be added to any firm’s marketing regime, it should not be ignored.

Don’t ignore abandoned carts

About 70% of online shoppers tend to abandon their online shopping cart. These shoppers have already shown an interest in the products and were willing enough to add them to the cart. Ignoring abandoned carts means ignoring consumers who are interested in what you sell. Sending an abandoned cart email could be beneficial for your e-commerce business.

Sending abandoned cart emails is also a cost-effective method to boost sales. The data available on abandonment carts is clear.  It is interesting to note that about half of all abandonment cart emails are opened. Moreover, one-third of these emails lead to an actual purchase. A simple way to boost e-commerce sales on your website is paying attention the cart abandoners.


As an e-commerce business owner, the more attention you pay towards the design and content of your site, the better. The visual element of e-commerce websites plays a great role in this aspect. Boosting the sales of an e-commerce business requires the use of techniques like email marketing and search engine optimization too. The mechanics and speed of the e-commerce website should also be optimal. It is essential to make sure that superior consumer experience is a top priority.

In a nutshell, to be successful in the e-commerce business, you need to accommodate your customers according to their preferences.