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7 Useful Tips for SEO Ranking



The process of getting traffic from the natural, editorial, organic or free search results on the search engines is referred to as SEO or Search Engine Optimization. It is one of the most important and crucial aspects any successful firm looks into as only by taking the help of SEO can one ensure a niche of its own in today’s competitive arena. Legal SEO was created specifically to serve lawyers marketing needs. 

Following are some of the favoring SEO tips for better rankings: –

Powerful Content:

One of the major tips is to have powerful content which can ensure the attention of the visitor on your website. The content should be so effective that more dwell time, a visitor should spend. An SEO can be optimized nicely when it is of high quality, plagiarism free and relevant. Good content always acts as a bait that hooks the attention of the visitor. A content which is more dedicated to learning or provide information to the visitor is the most searched and visited the website.

Safe and secure:

The Internet is becoming a scarier place with every passing hour. Hackers, being astute always device atrocious tactics to exploit naïve users. Google and CMS platform have designed many encryptions such as SSL or TLS to ensure that hackers won’t be able to get away with their tricks. Admins should use an SSL certificate to ensure proper encryption of information being exchanged between the server and the client. A website which does not have such a certificate is declared insecure. Those having an encryption certificate always stand to get a better ranking at a search engine.

Page loading speed:

The most pivotal factor which decides the ranking of your website is the page loading speed. Google always expect a page to open within 3 seconds and it is also referred to as ‘Blink Test’ because a visitor’s attention only resists for 3 seconds. Slow loading of the page will always be a pain. In an agile world, no one wants to wait. Pages that load slow diffuses interest of the visitor and this forces the visitor to leave the page at once. A page can be loaded fast if the admin takes measures like: –

1) Image compression
2) Using cache plugin
3) Curtailing number of HTTP page requests
4) Abolition of extra plugins

Using header tags:

A content looks beautiful and readable when it is differentiated in many subsections and subheadings. This makes the visitor read easily and effortlessly. This helps readers to scroll down to that particular data which they are looking for. Optimized header tags help the search engine to understand the importance of a page. Always include keywords in header tags and also use LSI keyword of your topic for your best optimization.

CMS platforms have inbuilt header tags that help you optimize the content headers.

Using links in your content:

It is the best method to drive the content to associated pages. More weight is added to your websites when you link it to high authority websites. Referrals help a lot. Having maximum referral will popular. The same goes for content too. When you attach link phrases to external content, the only thing which strikes the mind of the visitor is that the content I well researched.

Mobile Response:

Nowadays in an advanced technological era, people are using mobiles and tablets more than desktops and computers. The usage of portable devices is much in present era because it requires less internet. Such screens are smaller and require websites to fit them adequately. Google mobile-friendly test will show whether your website is mobile friendly or not.

Register your website with Google and Bing webmaster tools:

Not registering your website to Google and Bing is like driving with your eyes closed. Not registering the website to Google and gaining top rank in search can never happen. It is not a hide and seeks game; long term rank can only be achieved after following proper techniques and methods. 

Thus, it is much evident how important is SEO or Search Engine Optimization in laying a consolidated foundation for any firm and so, keeping these above points in mind one can definitely ensure it. With higher visibility amongst the search engine, one can thence hold the grounds strongly in this modern world’s dynamic competitive sphere.