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A video possesses the power to explain a convincing story about your brand in as less as 60 seconds. Video content tends to stay in the customer’s mind more than plain boring text. But before you think about striking animations and cutesy illustrations, you must develop a killer video script to be able to put your message across in a compelling manner. The foremost step followed by every great video animation company is to get a superb video script ready that is capable of being remembered in the customer’s mind and foster a strong brand image.

A well-penned, engaging, interesting and compelling script marks as the foundation behind every successful video. Without a strong foundation, the entire creation process goes to vain. Writing a superb video script is a lot harder than it sounds and that’s the point exactly. The best video contents are easy to understand, with the script relating and bouncing back from one relevant point to the next and harmonizing perfectly with the animation/action on screen.

So, what can you do to ensure that your video’s content is effective enough to grasp attention? By planning proactively! Let’s have a look at 7 killer tips to help you write a video script that is bound to stay alive in minds and sell.

1. Keep the video script short

Although the length of the video script depends majorly upon the audience, usually the video is displayed on a digital medium and the customer gets bored if the video is too long. Since the average attention span of a human being is 8.25 seconds, the key to keep them engaged is to keep the video script as short as 60 seconds- 2 minutes ideally.

2. Make the script cheerful and jovial

A customer wouldn’t like to watch a video telling ‘how-to’ about a product because it will bore the customer. Adding cheerfulness and fun to the video will keep the viewer engaged who is watching the video in their own time. The point you are trying to deliver remains the same, just the medium to convey that message changes so that the audience can remember your message and be interested in watching the video.

3. Put your message in the first 30 seconds

Deduce the important message that you want to deliver to the customer, bring it into a one-line sentence and drop it in the first 30 seconds somewhere. This enables the audience to know what to pay attention to in the video.

4. Don’t forget the call to action

This marks as one of the most important elements in script generation that a great animated video production focuses upon. Without a proper call to action, viewers don’t know what to do next. The call to action will appear at the end of the video and remain on the screen for a few seconds so that the customer can note the information.

5. Speak directly to the audience

The easiest and most compelling way to speak to the audience is to use pronouns like ‘you’ and ‘your’. Another way is to show them objects of their interest in the video. Speak about their convenience rather than what your product’s qualities are. Highlight the problems of your audience and how your brand can help them solve those problems efficiently.

6. Tell a story

Your customer will not prefer just a problem-solution scenario. They will prefer hearing an interesting story that will keep them engaged. Stories tend to connect with our emotions, they can make us laugh or touch our heartstrings. Dry facts, stats, and figures work only in the classrooms now. The better you pen your story, the more likely that your viewers will understand what your company is offering to them.

7. Deploy the power of humor wisely

Humor marks as an excellent tool for story-telling as long as the humor is directly related to your message and plays a role in delivering that message. Ensure that the humor you are incorporating fits perfectly with the overall story. Keep in mind that unnecessary and wrongly put humor can distract the customer and may actually put potential customers off.

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