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7 Tips to Help You Stay Fit This Winter (Even If You Can’t Go to the Gym)

Winter is the toughest time of year to stay active and stick to your fitness routine. Here are some tips to help you make it happen!




I know New Year’s Resolutions are all the rage, but let’s get started early. 2020 has been a difficult year and we probably ditched our health regime somewhere between March and September. Give yourself a free pass (we were all dealing with things) and get things back on track now.

Here are some valuable tips to help you refocus and get your healthy routine back in gear so you can start the new year off on the right foot:

(1) Take it slow.

Don’t rush into things and dive into a full-blown, intense routine. Start slow and build up your momentum through the first few weeks of getting back into it.

Are you familiar with that silly saying: ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’? Well, either was the perfect human body. It takes time, commitment, persistence, and smart decisions. Start slow and build up momentum along the way.

(2) Find new things to do.

Don’t just jump back into the things you used to do or are familiar with. The fitness world is an ever-changing space that is constantly evolving with new equipment, exercises, trends, and more. Look into some of the latest trends going on now and find something that appeals to you.

Social media is a great place to see what other people around the same age and build are doing. Experts will offer advice, explain new trends, and suggest things to you – you just need to find the right people and ask the questions.

(3) Start asking friends to join you.

Working out alone is great and offers many benefits. But working out with a partner or in a group can also be a great way to do it. Not only will you have someone beside you to keep you motivated, but you can enjoy the process more and turn it into a social experience for yourself.

Ask people who you think would be a good fit and find someone who will jump on this journey with you!

(4) Plan one cheat day a month.

We can’t always be perfect – and we shouldn’t expect it of ourselves. There is nothing wrong with taking a cheat day every now and I think it’s smart to plan one.

Mark your cheat day on the calendar each month and really take advantage of it. It’s a great way to refresh your strategy and is always something to look forward to.

(5) Invest in yourself.

Hiring someone to assist you with your fitness journey is not a bad idea, and (if you do it correctly) shouldn’t cost you a ton of money.

Look into local fitness trainers who can help you make a plan and consider hiring one, but only if it feels right. Don’t hire someone who you don’t fully trust or enjoy working with. Keep searching until you find the right trainer and don’t settle for someone.

In today’s world, you might even be able to hire someone who assists you online or you might be able to find blogs or social channels to give you the information you need for free. Invest in yourself and spend some time making the right decisions.

(6) Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Following a strict fitness regime is not easy. In fact, it’s quite difficult. So don’t be too hard on yourself if things get off track or you find yourself feeling unmotivated. Everybody has been there and knows exactly how it feels.

All you can do is regroup, pat yourself on the back for wanting to do better, and get back at it.

(7) Make goals for the year.

My final tip is to make some goals for each week, month, and the entire year. From now until January 15, what progress do you want to see? How far ahead would you like to be by April? And finally, what is your goal for the end of next year?

Take note of specific goals (make sure they are realistic) and write them down. Put them somewhere you can see them every day as a reminder.

This is not easy to do, especially after the year we’ve been through, but it’s doable. Get started today, follow my tips above, and keep your eyes on the prize. You can do this!

Darcy is a Journalism graduate who likes writing about new topics and technology.