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7 Great Reasons Why You Must Charter a Luxury Yachts in Newport Beach



Luxury yachts charter Rentals in Newport Beach


There’s really no dearth of fun awaiting you at the Newport Beach in California. Those seeking a thrilling combination of adventure and lifestyle will love yachting here for it gives them an opportunity of witnessing nature’s marvels like never-before.

You don’t always need a special occasion to go aboard a yacht and you may consider chartering a luxury yacht in Newport Beach with the sheer intent of relaxing and experiencing an extraordinary lifestyle and hospitality. Newport Beach hosts some of the most coveted whale watching and sportfishing excursions in Southern California.

Here’s a look at seven reasons for chartering a yacht that will set new travel goals for you and you wouldn’t want to wait to hop into one!

  1. How about an Exciting Sailing Package Custom-made for You?

When you choose luxury sailing on a chartered yacht, you can customize your vacation so that you get everything you desire, just the way you want. The best yacht charter company will pay heed to the likes and dislikes of the loved ones accompanying you on board and add activities to your itinerary accordingly.

Including a host of luxuries such as swimming pool, Jacuzzi, spa center, helicopter pad, gymnasium and home theatre with eye-pleasing contemporary interiors, a super yacht is all about extravagance!

  1. Feeling Lucky? Explore the Hidden Treasures along the Way…

Travelling in a chartered luxury yacht in Newport Beach is the best way to go off the beaten track and visiting quaint little places or towns that you’d normally give a miss or wouldn’t know about.

Step into the shoes of locals, savor their delectable cuisine and experience incredible hospitality; all of which will stay etched on your minds forever.

  1. Experience Opulent Lifestyle

Making for exciting holidays, and to celebrate special occasions with friends and family, this is surely one of the best options. To make the experience truly luxurious, these yachts feature world-class amenities, swimming bars and Jacuzzi among a host of other luxuries.

Sit back in the Jacuzzi with the spirits flowing generously and enjoy the views of the starlit skies in the night. If you thought you need to break the bank to be able to enjoy such a vacation, think again!




  1. Every Detail About You Counts and Reflects in the Hospitality You Get!

You like your coffee a little strong or the meats a little tender and your personal chef on the yacht is acquainted with your food preferences already. You have a soft spot for rom-coms and love sauna bath after an invigorating massage. Well, the crew knows this as well and how fantastic is that!

A luxurious super yacht is designed with absolute comfort in mind and they check with a guest on personal tastes and preferences. Boasting the highest quality of craftsmanship and fine attention to detail, it ensures all your needs are taken care of before your arrival so that you can feel absolutely at home when you arrive.

  1. Private Chef and Entire Crew at Your Service!

Calling the ambience and services of our luxury yacht 5-star is quite an understatement for you can actually expect 7-star facilities when go aboard one. Gear up to be treated like a star when you have the crew and chef at your beck and call, attending to your recreation and wine and dine needs.

The hospitality you get in chartered luxury yachts is far superior when compared to that in hotels. Their attention revolves around providing the best service matching your personality and mood to the hilt. When your needs are attended to by the same crew members each day, you can feel a friendly vibe and they get acquainted with your kids as well.

The chef is trained in a variety of cuisines to ensure you have an amazing gastronomic journey with the essentials of your favorite recipes stocked up before setting sail.

  1. Ideal When You Want to Cocoon Yourself in Privacy and Peace!

When you a luxury yacht charter in Newport Beach, you get to move away from the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy absolute privacy. Lay back and relax in peace, enjoying the tranquil surroundings, feeling the wind in your hair and hearing the sounds of the flowing waters.


Yachts charter Rentals Newport Beach, CA


  1. New Vistas and Different Horizons Each Day

The views are ever-changing when you are in a yacht. You wake up to the glistening sun looking resplendent as it goes up the horizon and if you are lucky you may chance upon stunning coastlines, islands, mountains, villages, romantic sceneries and beaches along the way. All of these will add to making your yachting journey memorable for life!

Looking to Get in Touch with a Luxury Yacht Charter Company? It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

When you are looking to charter a luxury yacht, you can get in touch with agencies and yacht agent networks who can help you find the best yachts in the regions you wish to explore on water. These agencies work closely with yacht management companies across a country or on a global level and allow you to run a quick search on their website based on your preferences to know the options open to you.

Running a quick check on search engines online also equips you with information on luxury yacht charter service providers. Their websites usually carry all information on their office address and contact numbers that can help you connect directly with them. In addition, you can browse through online directories to obtain contact information of luxury yacht service providers in any region across the globe.

With growing awareness among connoisseurs of luxury vacations, yachting is not a secret any more. If a luxury yachts rental in Newport Beach is on your mind, look no further than our trusted services whether it’s a limited hour, full day or multiple days’ package.

Relax, unwind and bring on unforgettable times with your family. From looking after your specific preferences to making you feel pampered, our professionally-trained crew will have all your needs covered.

Happy sailing!!