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7 Celebrities Who Are Huge Fans of Theme Parks



If you think that celebrities only love high-end nightclubs and fine dining restaurants, then you are only half right! Most of them do love their luxuries a lot, but they are not the only things which stars enjoy, apparently. If you have not associated celebrities with theme parks before, you are about to change your mind because the following seven celebrities are huge fans who can often be seen in the most famous theme parks in the United States. Just in case you are wondering who these celebrities are that love theme parks so much, check out the following and see for yourself.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber loves Disneyland and Disney World since the pop star has been seen in both of the Disney theme parks on multiple occasions. However, did you know about his infamous wheelchair roll in Disneyland five years ago? Apparently, Bieber rolled around in a wheelchair throughout his time in the theme park to cut lines in front of ticket counters! We have no idea what he was thinking, but it would be safe to state that Justin probably doesn’t look back on that memory too fondly.

Christina Aguilera

The singer and songwriter is also a fan of theme parks, but as it is with most stars who stay in California, she is seen more often in Disneyland than anywhere else.

Christina even in her early 30s absolutely loved Mickey and Mini enough to make a mess of the situation as well! Apparently, she did not take it kindly when Mickey Mouse (the man in the costume) told her a few years back (2014), that she had to wait her turn in order to take a photograph with Mickey, just like everyone else.
The usual celeb rants of “do you know who I am?” alongside certain profanities were reportedly heard during the commotion. While years have gone by since that day and she has had her fill of photos with Mini since then, it remains evidence of the fact that Mickey Mouse is clearly quite strict about rules and is not willing to bend them for even star guests. Christina probably forgot she was dealing with the world’s most iconic mouse.

Kevin and Danielle Jonas

In all honesty, there is no reason why celebrities wouldn’t love theme parks, to begin with, because they are fun, exciting, and provide an ideal place to spend some much-needed family and friend time for all of us, and not just the stars. So, it wasn’t much of a surprise when Kevin and Danielle Jonas decided to spend their one-year anniversary inside the park last year.

Do understand that unlike most of us, Kevin and Danielle got an exclusive chance to spend the whole anniversary inside Cinderella’s Castle, and in the castle’s suite no less! Just to provide some clarity on the matter, the Cinderella Castle Suite is not accessible to anyone for any amount of money, including celebrities, unless the Disney World authorities deem the occasion to be special enough, or if you manage to win a contest with a night’s stay being the prize.

Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris and Disney are no strangers to each other because the actor has done a lot of work for them in Hollywood, as well as in the theme park attractions’ voiceovers.

Aside from that, Neil Patrick Harris himself is personally a fan of Mickey Mouse and almost all things related to classic Disney. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that his partner David Burtka planned the actor’s entire birthday in Disney World last year. If their Instagram photos are anything to go by, they had a blast there!

Katy Perry

In 2018, and right in the middle of her Prismatic World Tour, Katy Perry took a break from it all and paid a visit to Florida in search of the famous Disney theme park, just like so many others before and after her.

The quintessential photos with Mickey and Minnie Mouse were posted by the singer on her Instagram, leading us to wonder why every celebrity only takes pictures with the Mouse couple!

Wayne Brady

According to confirmed reports, Wayne Brady frequently visits Disney World, when he flies into Florida to visit his daughter.

Pictures of the actor/singer, his kids, and Minnie Mouse were seen all over social media last year. Once again, we see Mickey and Minnie winning the popularity contest, clearing all doubts regarding the fact that they are truly the most iconic characters that Disney has ever produced.

Ariana Grande

The final entry onto this list is Ariana Grande, who decided to go to Disney World for her birthday in 2018, unlike most other pop stars who would rather spend their time in an exotic nightclub.

While she too has posted photos with Mickey Mouse, it was refreshing to see the singer/songwriter pose more frequently with Cinderella and Prince Charming; the others deserve a chance too! The cake, in particular, was comically huge, just as you would expect a birthday cake for a celebrity in Disney World to be.

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We hope you realize that this isn’t even the full list because there’s a LOT more than just seven famous people who like theme parks. On top of that, a lot of the rich and famous probably had managed to skip the paparazzi and didn’t post photos on Instagram or Facebook either.

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