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7 Bad Eating Habits and How to Break Them



Maybe you are dedicated to losing weight and keeping fit but you notice there isn’t much progress. The reason behind this is that you have probably adopted some bad eating habits along the way that are keeping you from achieving the level of fitness you want and your perfect weight. Here are those bad habits and a way to break them.

Automatic eating

You probably don’t often think about how much you put on your plate and how big the plate is. If you keep the food in a large container, you will eat more even though the food isn’t that tasty or even if you’re not that hungry. The trick is to eat from smaller dishes – use a salad plate instead of a large dinner plate. And never eat directly from a package – put the food on a plate.

Sitting in front of the TV

The point is to hear the sound of the food you’re eating – you will eat less. Watching TV or listening to music while eating may sound entertaining but that’s not the point. Move away from any media while eating and when you can’t do that (if you are in a restaurant, for example) order something crunchy that you can hear while eating. That way, you will constantly be reminded that you are eating and you won’t go overboard.

Going hungry to the grocery

Impulse buying is what will happen if you go to the grocery store while feeling hungry. You are more likely to buy food high in calories if you feel like eating. So, eat a healthy snack before you go shopping for food – it will keep you fool just enough to be done with shopping. Or you can make a shopping list while at home and really stick to it – just remember that the food you buy then will be what you’ll eat for at least a few days.

Not getting enough sleep

The fact is that if you get 5 or even less hours a sleep, it will definitely ruin your chances of losing significant amount of weight and feel energized. There are numerous negative effects of sleep deprivation. Your body needs sleep to function properly, so try to create a new habit – go to bed and wake up at roughly the same time, even if you don’t have to go to work. Keep your bedroom dark and avoid watching TV or using your computer at least one hour before you go to bed. It’s better to listen to relaxing music or to read book in bed.

Skipping breakfast

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, so it’s no good at all if you don’t have breakfast just because you’re in a rush. Your metabolism gets slower and you lack the energy you need for the rest of the day. And it leads to overeating afterward. Break this bad habit by having ready healthy snacks that you can eat even when you’re on the move. It’s pretty simple to have yoghurt, whole fruit or a smoothie in the morning and start your day in just the right way. You can make a vegetable or fruit smoothie and enrich it with protein or even vegan protein supplements that suit even vegans and people with a sensitive stomach because it improves digestion.

Emotional eating

It’s really simple to get home after a stressful working day and open the fridge. And it’s even easier to go to the kitchen if you’re feeling sad or negative. And sometimes positive feelings can lead to eating more. It’s a coping mechanism – the one that’s very bed when trying to maintain a healthy diet. The solution is to find another stress-relief mechanism that doesn’t affect your health negatively. If you’re feeling stressed out or sad, try to take a walk or call a friend who is ready to listen to you patiently. Whatever it is – just stay away from the kitchen.

Nighttime visits to the kitchen

If you are sticking to a healthy diet, then eating at night is never a good idea. It’s not just about the type of food that you eat – it’s the time of the day that counts, too. Your digestive system is slowed down at night and you won’t get the nutrients you need, only extra calories that will turn to fat. Brush your teeth in the evening and think of the kitchen like being closed after dinner. If you are really hungry for some reason, then eat just a piece of fruit or a bit of string cheese.

Final words

Sticking to a healthy diet means also knowing a few tricks to avoid small, but really bad habits that can keep you from getting fit. The more you are aware of the bad habits you have, the easier you will get rid of them and lead a healthier life.