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6 Unique Ways to Capture Your Travel Memories



In yesteryears, the time that Facebook or Instagram hasn’t been created yet when people came home from a trip or vacation, they will immediately go to their local photo shop to print their pictures and organize it neatly on their photo albums.

Now, with today’s technology, only fewer people are doing such thing because the new trend is to post it on social media accounts. The advantage of this is, it’s free. You don’t have to spend your hard-earned money for printing.

But with these 6 unique ways to capture your travel memories, we’re sure you’ll change your mind.
Six unique ways to capture your travel memories

1. Make a scrapbook

Making a scrapbook is one of the creative ways to compile your photos. It has a similarity with a photo album, but its’ difference is you can include notes beside each photo describing that day or a funny memory perhaps; and other memorabilia’s you’ve collected from your trip (plane or train ticket, receipt and so on).

Some may think that scrapbooks are only for teenage girls or it’s too “girly”. Truth is, it’s not. Anyone at any age can design their own scrapbook.

2. Bring your social media photos to life

If you’re too busy to create a scrapbook, don’t worry! There are other ways to compile it. Some of the best and creative ideas are described below:

  • Use an Instax Camera

There are lots of modern DLSR cameras that are best for traveling. But we still choose one of the simplest cameras there is, which is Instax. We choose this camera because seconds after you capture the photo, it’ll automatically print your photo. Fast and easy!

It’s just a huge plus that the photo paper of Instax has a retro-style quality which is pretty cool.

  • Create a Poster

Turning your photo into a poster is one of the coolest ideas. You’ll able to hang it on your walls side-by-side with your favorite bands or games. Plus, you’ll able to see your beautiful smile every time you come into the room.

If you’re stress, seeing this will surely brighten up your day.

  • Frame it up

If you’re not into posters, you can choose to put it on a frame. This is one of the conventional ways to display your photos inside your home. But frames are not limited to 5×5 picture frame, you can also put a string on both ends of your wall, then clip your pictures on it.

It’s not only a great way to display your photos but it’s also a great decoration at home or in your room.

3. Create a video

pexels photo 88476If you don’t like the idea of printing your photos at all, you can still compile it in a creative way by creating a video. Some may think creating a video is like compiling pictures on a photo album, it’s very time-consuming.

Well, guess what? It’s not! One advantage of living in a digital world is there are lots of application available today that you can use. Just select the pictures you wanted to include, and it’ll automatically create a video. You have the option to add some music or text to somehow personalize it.

4. Send yourself a postcard

Postcards are one trend that will never go out of style! Everyone loves to receive one especially during the holidays and on traveling. We know upon reading #4’s title, you’ll probably wonder why do you need to send a postcard to yourself? The common practice is to send it out to family or friends.

The answer in here is simple, no one will ever appreciate your photo more than yourself. So, it’s just right for you to receive one.

5. Scratch off map

pexels photo 297755

Scratching off map doesn’t actually include a photo. it’s more of a way for you to know where you’ve been and what’s left to explore. You can print it like a lottery scratch card, but much bigger, and put it on a cork board on a wall or your desk. Then every time you visited a new place, you can scratch it off from the map.

6. Blog & vlog your travel moments

If the other 5 still doesn’t work for you, you can create a blog or Vlog.

A blog and Vlog purpose is the same and that is to share with everyone your wonderful experience. Their only difference is the medium used. The blog is more about describing your experience with words; while Vlog is through videos.

If you’re going to ask which one is better, the answer will be depending on your interest. If you’re a wordsmith, go with creating a blog. But if you’re a creative director, at heart, choose Vlog.

But no matter what you choose, you can assure that the result will be satisfying.

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