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6 Unique Dating Apps You Might Want to Try



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Whether you love or loathe online dating, there is no denying it has changed dating game forever. 

Consequently, there is a long list of dating apps that lets you find the perfect mate for life and start your happily-ever-after love story. 

Consequently, there is a never-ending list of dating apps that let you fall in love and live a happily-ever-after love story or a friend to hang out with next weekend. Whether it’s matching you on your favorite interests or finding someone who you share mutual friends with. Here, we take the biggest alternatives to Tinder and give them a spin to find out what (if anything) they do differently and what sets them apart.

#1. Badoo

What’s Different: The app allows its users to upload celebrity crush photographs to find the matches from their look-alikes. 

Operating on geo-location, Badoo boasts of being the most useful dating app that enables users to discover nearby potential matches for in-person dates, hookups and more. It takes pride in an exponentially growing number of users. The site is free to join for the ones who are looking for a well designed and aesthetically pleasing dating app. 

Badoo features over 370 million profiles from 190 different counties. It lets users leverage multiple ways to find matches including Swiping feature and nearby profile views. The app puts a premium on profile verification to ensure that the profiles are actually verified to avoid catfishing. This verification is based on the uploaded pictures, connected social media accounts, and phone verification. 

#2. Eureka Love App

What’s Different: The app enables users to express their love to their crush. 

Aesthetically pleasing and intuitively exciting, Eureka Love App is the new disruption in the online dating arena. The App creators boat of providing a new way for the users to connect with their crush, rather than scrolling through the profile of strangers. iOS and Android users can simply download the app from the respective marketplaces and discover their crush on Eureka. In case, they are not signed up to Eureka, one can even invite them onboard. 

Additionally what makes this app unique is the fact that your feelings remain a secret unless it’s a Match- Eureka Moment as they cal it. With this, while you are safeguarded against the random online dating profiles and spams, you can also ensure safety to your bonding and avoid embarrassing situations. 

#3. Do I Date

What’s Different: In an endeavor to add transparency to online dating, Do I Date transforms your profile into a TripAdvisor-like review page where your past dates can rate you and even vouch for you. 

Do I date makes your dates much safer, transparent and fun. The only dating app that lets you get much-needed insight into the potential partners. It brings an unprecedented level of openness to online dating by letting users give their dates an Uber-style star rating and TripAdvisor-style review. 

#4. Tin Dog

What’s Different: The app is tailored for the dog lovers who can pick their partners based on dog preferences. 

For single dog lovers, going on a date with someone who isn’t a fan of canine companions can be a deal-breaker. So an online dog and cat boarding site have launched an app designed to help pet owners find like-minded people for friendship or dating. Called Tindog, it uses a person’s location to suggest nearby matches, and users can then swipe through profiles to find a match – similar to how Tinder works. Tindog users begin by selecting the criteria for who they want to meet and by adding a profile for their pet. This profile includes both a picture of the pet as well as the owner. The app uses the phone’s GPS location to scan for nearby matches and a list of profiles will appear. Swiping left rejects a profile and swiping right expresses an interest. If both users swipe right, then it’s a match and the new friends can chat to learn more or arrange a meet-up.

#5. Luxy

What’s Different: App connects with the verified millionaires across the globe. 

While other dating apps may appear gazillions of users, which is great if you choose quantity over quality. However, for those who prefer quality, Luxy is the perfect app. 

Boasting of being “#1 millionaire’s matchmaking and dating club,” Luxy is an exclusive app that only allows the cream of the crop to Sign Up. Simply put, it is a virtual dating tressure trove for rich and beautiful. Luxy is specifically for users with a six-figure salary and conventional beauty, so you’re sure to find plenty of quality women. You can download the app for free, however, you can unlock premium features by upgrading to Luxy Black. 

#6. TasteBuds

What’s Different: Gets you connected with the potential matches who share the same music taste as you. 

Tastebuds is an online dating platform that matches singles based on similar tastes in music. Intuitively dedicated to helping one find not just a perfect match, but even friends or haven where you simply discover new music genres you will love. Apparently, Tastebuds uses music as basic medium for members to check if their personalities click. Therefore, instead of finding attraction in other people’s physical features or an exhaustive list of characteristics, it lets you look for a serious relationship along with a lot of feel-good music.