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6 Things to Consider Before Filing an Income Tax Return



Filing an Income Tax Return is one of the major aspects that salaried individuals keep in mind during a time of the year annually. If you fall under the category of people for whom filing an Income Tax Return is mandatory, you need to do it.

Filing an Income Tax Return is easier these days due to the advancement of technology as you can do that on the Income Tax department’s website.

What’s more, if you are unsure about an exact amount that you will need to file an Income Tax, you can also take the help of the Income Tax Calculator.

An Online Income Tax Calculator is a unique tool which is available over the web free of cost. You can get an exact ITR amount by entering some of the basic details such as your PAN Card, salary and other overheads.

If you are ready to file your Income Tax Return, you need to consider some vital points that will help you do it confidently and without issues.

Things to consider before filing an Income Tax Return

Here are some major things that you should keep in mind before filing an Income Tax Return, have a look:

1. No need to mention your DOB while e-filing the ITR

Earlier a taxpayer needs to mention his/her date of birth while filing an Income Tax Return at the time of logging into your account on the e-filing portal. It is no more a condition while filing the ITR.

2. ITR-based documents are password free now

In the recent past, many ITR documents such as ITR-V, Form 26AS and more have gone major changes. These documents which were protected by passwords earlier can be accessed directly.

3. Changes in steps to download Form 26AS

The method to download the Form 26AS from the TRACES portal has also changed now. Earlier, the TRACES website had an option to ask you using which you could view the Form 26AS in PDF, HTML or Text formats. Now, using the PDF version, you can easily access the Form 26AS and download it without any hindrances.

4. Select ITR verification option at the time of giving details

Another change that you will witness is concerning the option of the verification. Earlier, the ITR or e-filing website did not ask for verification option until you have submitted the return. Even though you see the portal asking you for the verification option until the submission of the ITR, you can change that later.

5. Pre-select some details while filing the ITR online

If you are eligible to file the ITR-I for the financial year 2017-18, and if you are doing that using the ‘prepare and submit online,’ you can get the option to fill some fields automatically. You have the freedom to auto-populate the fields while choosing the previous year’s Form 26AS or Income Tax Return. If you go ahead and select the ‘auto-populate’ checkboxes, then these details would be auto-populated. Like this, you won’t be required to select/fill them yet again while registering your ITR by the ITR process.

6. Check your TDS and match it with the Form 26AS details

One of the greatest benefits of filing an Income Tax Return online is that it populates most of the details the form such as the tax, PAN details, address, and name. However, sometimes, the TDS details may not match Form 26AS details. If that does not get matched, you may lose on the tax credit available to you. Hence, while filing the ITR online, ensure to crosscheck all details of the 26AS Form.

The Bottom Line

Some of the major aspects that you need to consider or we can say that the checklists for Income Tax Return are now revealed. If you don’t know how to calculate tax, you can use the income tax calculator India facility online and be sure. Happy ITR filing!


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