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6 Things every New Driver should Stay Away From!




Cars are a serious blessing to mankind, making our daily existence much simpler. Whether it’s about travelling to work or going halfway across the town to visit relatives or simply just embarking on an impromptu road trip with besties, a car is our partner in crime. And, learning how to drive is one of your greatest accomplishments and will come to your aid throughout your lifetime. And even more crucial is the decision of choosing the correct driving school.

This school is nothing like the one you spent your childhood at, and bunked lessons or stayed half-asleep in class. Driving lessons require your utmost attention as you being the driver, carry the utmost responsibility of keeping all other people in the car safe.  So, be completely sure before taking your pick among the various driving schools in Birmingham. Just Pass School of Motoring is one of the best driving schools you could go for. They offer quality driving lessons and have custom driving programs to suit the needs of every pupil.

What every new driver should avoid while sitting in the driver’s seat:

There’s nothing more proud and victorious than holding your freshly printed, new driver’s license for the very first time. Enrolling in an efficient Birmingham based driving school and getting that little piece of plastic shall give you all the freedom you have always dreamed of. But, before you take on the open road, take a look at some of these things that you should absolutely refrain from doing.

  • Being distracted: The amount of crazy distracted things that new drivers do is completely surprising as you can find people putting on makeup, or tying their ties while being behind the wheel. Keep yourself far away from all such potential disruptions and keep your eyes fixed on the road.
  • Neglecting road: It’s very important that you know the importance of thorough scanning of the road in front of you. New drivers may generally get caught up in something else, and fail to see the upcoming dangers such as bumpers, potholes, etc. So, keep all your senses cautious.
  • Speeding: This is one of the most fatal causes of car accidents that take place. You, as a new driver shouldn’t even dream of over-speeding. New drivers don’t have the suitable experience and knowledge to stop the car at the right time. If you are new at this, and are speeding and need to stop the car all of a sudden, most chances are you won’t be able to. So, why even take the chance and risk your life?
  • Overcrowding: This is one of the most common and low-key causes that could lead to car accidents. Of course, it sounds pretty tempting to show off your newly developed driving skills, and take your entire gang for ice cream. But, in reality this idea is not a very good one as every additional passenger, over the normal limit, increases the risk of car crash by 44%.
  • Driving under the influence: Most of the new drivers fall under the age of 21 categories, and are most likely to consume alcohol. But, in no instance, should you get behind the wheel, even if it’s just one mug of beer you had. Underage drinking is illegal in itself and driving your car under its influence can lead to terrible results.
  • Driving unbuckled: The first thing that every new young driver should do upon entering the car is to put on the seatbelt. Nowadays, newer car models come with that irritating beeping sound that refuses to shut up, until you are buckled into place. But, in cars that don’t have the facility of a seat-belt reminder, it’s the driver’s utmost responsibility to follow the safety rules.

So, these were some of the main rules that you have to memorise by heart, and get it imprinted onto your mind whenever you sit behind the wheel. Breaking any one of these can get you in huge trouble and put yours and other’s lives in danger.

Lauren Williamson is a ferocious reader with a desire to travel the world. He has been a part of many industries, and loves to shed light on the hard truths of the business world. Through his writings, he shares his experience with the readers to help them with their shortcomings.


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