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6 Signs You Need To Look At a New CAD Building Design Company



Not all CAD companies are equal. Some have experience in producing CAD designs for a particular industry; others have a unique CAD service that can’t be competed with. Naturally, when looking for a CAD company, you will have done your research and settled on a company you think you can trust. But did you bother to put as much effort in the next time you needed CAD services? Or the time after that? Perhaps now’s the time to review whether the company you work with is working for you.


There’s no single piece of CAD software that everyone uses. While different suites can import files from their competitors, there’s always a question mark over whether or not it will work and can integrate with the rest of the project. If you have to spend time converting their drawings to be compatible with your software then maybe it’s time to find someone who is using a different program.


No one likes waiting around so does your CAD company deliver on time? Some companies will offer fast turnaround on contracts, but then simply fail to deliver when they said they would. Still frustrating, but a little more professional, are the companies that move the deadline once you’ve formally instructed them to create your drawings.

Client Support

Accurate CAD drawings and BIM are essential for the smooth running of the rest of the project. So you need to have a company that is prepared to go that extra mile to ensure that you’re totally happy with their work. Do you know what stage your drawings have reached? Have you had any concepts you aren’t clear on explained to you? Do they offer a satisfaction guarantee? Are you treated like a client they want to keep? If any doubts are beginning to creep in then maybe you need to shop around.


Lots of industries do it. Offer an excellent rate to new customers, then a not-so-good rate to repeat customers because they know second, third or more purchases are often less scrutinised than the first one. Always have some idea of what your CAD budget should be by comparing different companies. Quality might dictate that the cheapest company isn’t the best choice – but that doesn’t mean that the most expensive will be offering the highest quality service.

Commitment to High Standards

Do you ever feel that the glossy brochures, fancy website and smooth talking is just a front for a company that is, quite frankly, a bit sloppy with their work? Or worse, have you actually found errors in your drawings which have been brushed aside as “just one of those things”? Your CAD drawings and, if your project demands them, BIM files need to meet extremely high standards for accuracy and adherence to the standards. Without good plans, your project will be doomed to fail.

Professional Knowledge

You expect your CAD designer to be an expert in CAD. That’s why you’re paying them after all. But a good CAD company will have sufficient experience of projects just like yours that they understand the requirements and regulations that you are working with. If you feel like you need to perform a lot of hand-holding while your CAD company works then perhaps they aren’t a good fit for your project. After all the whole point of outsourcing your CAD design is that you can get on with other parts of project planning that don’t demand access to the finished plans. That can’t happen if they don’t know their job.