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6 Secret Recipes to Gain Twitter Followers Fast



What comes to your mind when you see an article about “How to get more Twitter followers?”

WOW! Now I’m going to grow my twitter followers fast. Isn’t it?

But here is the truth…

Most of the articles you see on that topic have common tips to grow twitter followers.

You’ll hardly gain 100 followers in a month by using those common Twitter follower advices.

Now you may have a question for me…

Then, what is the best way to get twitter followers fast?

Well, that’s why I am here to share six easy but powerful tips that helped me gain 1000 Twitter followers in just a month.

Without further ado let’s jump right in.

#1. I mentioned my location

When I first created an account on Twitter, first thing, I did was I filled all the required information in my BIO to make it real.

But the thing that brought me my first few Twitter followers was mentioning the location.

In beginning, I was following some Twitter accounts and one of them was my college PTU (Punjab Technical University.)

One evening I met with my five college mates and tweeted “After a long time had fun with my buddies in PTU.” The college liked my tweet as well as retweeted that tweet.

After three hours when I saw into my account 15 people were following me back from PTU.

How can you use this tactic for your business?

Even if you have an online business, you still would be living and work somewhere.

Find the local businesses, news, and colleges nearby your location and try to connect with them. Make sure they aren’t your competitors.

Most of them won’t mind to follow back and retweeting or sharing your content with their followers.

#2. Unfollow non-followers

You might be wondering how unfollowing people will help you gain more twitter followers.

Well, here is the thing you need to know…

What’s the benefit to following people who aren’t following you back or not adding any value to your timeline?

Instead of following non-followers try to follow the people who are active and related to your niche. Active people will show more interest to follow you back.

How would you know who is an active Twitter user?

Use twitter unfollow tool.

Manageflitter is a FREE Twitter management tool that you can use to know active Twitter followers as well as unfollow people who aren’t following you back.

#3. Mention Brand

People love brands they don’t want to miss any latest information about their favorite brands.

They follow brands everywhere whether it is news, television, or on social media.

Moreover, they also follow people who talk about their favorite brands.

That’s why when I mentioned how much I love EpicBeat in a blog post; I really wanted to let them know. So I mentioned them in a tweet with the link.

It helped me in two ways, the first thing EpicBeat retweeted my article and second, they followed me back.

Later I saw, many of EpicBeat users followed me back as well as retweeted my blog post.

#4. I used Dlvrit to schedule relevant articles

Being a digital marketer by profession I don’t get much time to access my personal twitter account.

To deal with this situation, Dlvrit is the tool that comes handy. I added five authority sites RSS feed into Dlvrit and rest it is doing by itself.

It sends a relevant tweet to my followers as soon as the article published on those authority sites.

And since, using this service, I started noticing a steady increase of followers.

You can do the same if you find yourself unable to tweet daily basis.

#5. Mention other professionals in your tweet

As a blogger, I know what it feels when someone mentions you or your article in his tweet.

Therefore, I decided to the same tactic by mentioning individual bloggers and influencers in my tweets.

To do that, I looked for the influencers who have huge fan followings such as Kim Grast and Jeff Bullas.

I mentioned these fantastic bloggers in my tweet, they not only started following me but also occasionally retweet my blog posts.

#6. Guest post on popular sites

Yes, guest post not only helps you get the backlinks exposure but also bring you more Twitter followers.

When I first guest posted on SEMrush and Shoutmeloud, I tweeted that on my twitter profile mentioning both sites.

After some time I noticed both sites retweeted that article from their Twitter profiles as well as many of their followers did the same.

The good thing was the same followers followed me back also. :)

Your Turn!

You see my top secrets to that I used to grow my Twitter followers.

Which of these tactics have you used already? And which one are you going to try now?

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.