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6 Reasons Why You Should Use a VPN While Travelling



Making sure that you have the proper security from the virtual world should be taken with equal precaution as to when you are working on with your personal security from the outside world. Continuous advancements in technology bring out its fair share of advantages and benefits to its users; however, we should not ignore the fact that it also puts some of the most critical and confidential information of a web user at great risk.

As soon as you leave your password protected internet connection either from the comfort of your own home or workplace, and join a public Wi-Fi or shared network, the details you think you’ve kept private are already at risk automatically. This scenario usually happens when you are travelling.

One of the ways to keep your precious information secured is by using VPN while travelling. A VPN, or virtual private network, basically extends a private network even when a public network is already being used. It provides an extra layer of protection to the use by creating a “virtual network”. This then allows a secured data transfer and protects sensitive information which you may have stored on your device.

There are other reasons why VPN should be used while travelling and some are listed below. The good thing about setting up one as well is that it doesn’t include a series of steps to follow in order to access it, you can easily do it with just a single click.

Why You Should Use a VPN While Travelling

Here are the reasons why you should always use a virtual private network when you travel:

Lets you use public Wi-Fi without any risks

You might get persuaded to try and stay in that coffee shop while you wait for your flight due to the sign attached saying “Free Wi-Fi”, and unfortunately many do not understand the possible risk they might be putting themselves into soon as they click on that “join” button. Soon as you get connected, hackers are already lurking and waiting for that perfect timing to attack. With the use of VPN though, you don’t really have to hesitate anymore as it lets you connect to public networks safely and keeps your information such as passwords and bank details encrypted.

Blocked websites can be freely accessed

Just in case you are not aware, Facebook is blocked in China; Skype is blocked in the Middle East and other countries have limited websites to be accessed as it takes censorship seriously. You can actually use a VPN to access blocked websites in China and other countries you might plan on going to in the future without any fuss.

Serves as an entertainment source

After a long day walk or doing loads of touristy stuff, would it not be nice to just do Netflix and chill at the hotel to cap the day off? Nothing beats watching your favourite series all over again after a tiring day while you sip that hot chocolate with marshmallows in it. However, although services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime are available in most places already, each country has or still set their own limitations on what shows they will make available to the public. With the use of VPN though, you can access Netflix as if you have not left your country of residence. Can you imagine how handy it will be?

Avoids bank accounts from freezing

Placing a travel flag on your bank account may not be the first thing you could think of especially if you are already running late for your flight. And sometimes, phoning the bank and informing them of your travel itineraries while you’re in transit could be a nightmare. Turning your VPN on, lets you access your online banking internationally because it relays a message across as if you’re only accessing it from your home country. So, a travel flag can now be placed anytime anywhere and not to mention having your bank details and password encrypted as you enter them in even while being connected to a public Wi-Fi.

Allows you to get better deals

Using a VPN allows you to access a website from the comfort of your couch, and creates a virtual setting as if you are accessing it from a different part of the globe. Which means, in booking flights, hotels or tours, you do not just have to rely on the deals your local place has to offer. Switching on your VPN allows a user to experiment which continent has the best offer when it comes to providing deals.

Maintains anonymity

Unfortunately, you cannot hide anything from your internet service provider (ISP) as it tracks all your search history, every website you visit and even those sets of one-time information you key in. And if you are not being dodgy, surely this might not be an issue. However, there is a way on how to maintain anonymity, and that is to switch on your VPN. As stated before, a virtual private network (VPN) does not only allow you to manage your privacy as a user, more importantly, it provides a second layer of security too.

Setting up a virtual private network does not just give a user the freedom to do unofficial things such as accessing illegal websites or whatnot; in hindsight, it actually does more as it offers security and added protection for the information that is confidential to each user. And the best thing about having one as well is that it is cheap and very easy to use. So what else are you waiting for? Leave your worries behind and set up your VPN before your next travel.