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6 Questions Frequently Asked in a Campus Placement



Campus placement is one of the main reasons why most of the students pursue a professional course like an MBA. In this blog post, we will discuss 6 most frequently asked questions and how to deal with those while appearing in an interview from some of the top MBA institutes in India –

I.Tell us something about yourself

Introduce yourself & briefly state your family background.
On the academic side, cover education––any special aspect of your college course that could have a direct bearing on what the interviewer may be looking for.

II.Can you tell us about a project you worked on at school or college?

The answer to this question will give an indication of the way you will deal with a specific kind of work. Explain what the project was, who else was involved in it, how you handled any difficulties, your particular contribution and what you think you gained from the experience while studying in one of the top 10 MBA colleges.

III.Discuss your hobbies and interests.

You should have knowledge of every hobby that you mention. Ensure that you have at least one pastime that is different from what others generally have––so think hard about which hobbies you choose to mention.
Include a variety of interests-some using your mind & some regarding sporting or physical activities. Try to have at least one practical interest & one which uses your mental aptitude. Be prepared to discuss any of the topics in some detail.

IV.What are your strengths?

When discussing strengths, talk about functional knowledge & general skills like––determination, teamwork, integrity & time management e.g Flexible, good at keeping deadlines, calm, can work under pressure.

V.What are your weaknesses?

If you have to mention weaknesses, mention those that can be converted into strengths.
e.g. Stubbornness or over meticulous.

VI.Why do you want to join our organisation?

Speak about points the organisation is most proud of, key achievements, ethical standards, an opportunity to learn and contribute. The organisation is focused on things you would like to be involved with (mentioned on its website).