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6 Qualities of a Standout Nurse



For anyone who’s ever spent time in hospital, it’s well known what an amazing job our nurses do. They’re some of the most important people in our society, but what qualities do you need to become a standout nurse?

As you might expect the list of skills a nurse has is very long, but for anybody thinking of getting into nursing, you will be given the best education through programs such as Marian Nursing program that help you develop these vital skills. 

In such a challenging and important job, there are lots qualities you need, and you don’t need to have them all right now, but by the time you qualify as a Registered Nurse, these are some of the qualities you can look forward to having. 


So much depends on the work of nurses that they have to maintain complete professionalism at all times. People rely on nurses at some of the most difficult points in their lives, so it’s essential professional standards are maintained at all times. 

Nursing is a challenging profession and it’s hard work, but nurses learn to maintain their professionalism and high standards at all times.


One of the keys to that professionalism is diligence. Nurses work tirelessly for their patients and they’re often asked to work through difficult and challenging situations. Being able to work through these situations and keep coming back time after time is a key quality of a nurse and whenever you come into contact with a nurse it’s one of the first things you notice. 

Communication and Interpersonal Skills 

As a nurse you work with all kinds of people from all walks of life, and you’ve got to be able to communicate equally well with all of them.

Whether that’s communicating with your colleagues, or the patients you’re treating, you have to be able to get your message across in a clear and concise manner. Every person you deal with requires a slightly different style of communication and the best nurses are able to find the right way to communicate with each person. 

Problem Solving 

Problem solving is an important part of any job, but it’s particularly important in nursing. You’re going to be faced with patients who need vital, immediate care, and you’ve got to be able to think on your feet to ensure they receive it. 

Throughout your education you will learn the skills you need to become an effective problem solver and make a difference in your work environment. 


There will be many occasions where your patients and their families will be suffering greatly. Whether that’s from physical or emotional pain, it’s important that nurses understand what people are going through and can show empathy. 

Healthcare is a very professional, formal industry, but there’s still plenty of room for compassion and empathy and the best nurses are experts at achieving this balance. Nursing is about caring for people and understanding that their emotional needs are just as important as their physical needs. 

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