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6 Errors with Your Makeup That Make You See Bigger



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Our face is one of the biggest responsible for making us look older or younger, and with that said, makeup is of great importance when it comes to our appearance (obvious …). But, did you know that you can be making some mistakes with him that make you look older? As always, the key is not to abuse! Continue down and discover these things that you must stop doing to go the right way and get more out of your makeup and look younger!

1. Use very dark lipsticks.

While berry colors are very cute, especially for darker skin tones, very dark lipsticks make the lips look smaller and therefore make you look older. Instead, choose brighter colors to add a touch of youth and radiance to the face. If it is absolutely necessary to use a deep tone, try a moisturizing formula so you can make sure that the lines of your mouth are not marked.

2. Never draw your eyebrows.

While thick eyebrows can be synonymous with youth, there is nothing worse than artificially drawn eyebrows. Prefers powders instead of pencil for a more natural look. Click to know about eye makeup tricks.

3. Dark blush adds years.

The blush can give a youthful glow, so it is advisable to choose mauve or pink tones that look good on almost any type or skin color. A dark tone for its part, only adds years and gives the appearance of an old-fashioned makeup.

4. Do not skip the eyeliner.

A little color in the line of the lower lashes always looks good, but it is important to do it also in the top line. You do not have to go to a complete line or to the cat’s eye, only with a little coarse color (it can be a dark brown or black tone), this gives an air of youth to the eyes.

5. Leave the natural shine of your skin.

You might think that more makeup will hide the fine lines and wrinkles, but in reality the only thing you will do is highlight those same folds that you are trying to disguise. Instead of a heavy base, you prefer a moisturizing cream with color, like a BB cream.

6. Doses the lip liner.

Unless you choose a tone that you want to look very sharp, there is no need to go crazy with the lip liner, as it is very easy for it to give you a very old-fashioned look and make you look older.