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6 Easy Tips to Burn Fat and Lose Weight without Diet or Exercise!



Losing weight will never be easy. It requires a whole lot of effort and dedication. Just like most things, it does not happen overnight; however, there are several ways you need to consider in losing weight quickly. Do you find yourself having difficulties sticking up with your diet plans? Haven’t been hitting the gym for a while? Worry no more, you can burn those calories without having concerns about a strict diet and an intense workout.

In around ten days, it is possible to get rid of those extra pounds. Just follow the tips below, and you’re surely good to go.

Do Not Skip Breakfast

According to a study, breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. It provides energy for whatever activities you have planned throughout the day. If you skipped breakfast, you would resort to unhealthy foods to make up for the energy you lost as the day progresses. Breakfast helps in jumpstarting your digestion and metabolism which in turn aids in burning calories.

Keep in mind that this meal is the most beneficial, so you should never skip this. If you want to have a healthy lifestyle, you need to have a hearty breakfast.

Hydrate Yourself – Drink Water Regularly

Aside from the skin-care benefit of water, it can also contribute to weight loss. You need a calorie-free solvent to burn your calories. Yes, water is the answer. Drinking water before a meal will immediately make you feel full, so you will tend to eat less. Nutritionists recommended drinking at least 500mL of water 30 minutes before a meal.

Moreover, you must cut off the intake of drinks with a large number of sugars such as sodas or juices. The wonders that water make is not surprising anymore. Always remember to drink water regularly.

Consider Medically Prescribed Weight Loss Drugs

First things first, consult a healthcare professional or a doctor before taking in weight loss drugs. Different medications are dependent on a person. These medications do not work alone, but they can affect weight loss.

US FDA approved Xenical, Belviq, and Saxenda as prescribed drugs as a remedy for obesity.

Think about some of these tips if you plan on taking weight loss drugs:

  • Take note of the possible side effects. Consultation with a doctor is a must.
  • Pregnant women should not consider taking weight loss medications.
  • Combine medications with a healthy lifestyle.
  • Only buy weight loss pills at approved pharmacies

Consider Taking in Carb and Fat Blockers

Fat and carb inhibitor get in the way of digestion. Although some researchers haven’t identified the exact mechanism of carb and fat blockers, these supplements are still prevalent in the market because it can help reduce weight even if you are overeating.

Biologically, fat and carb blockers work by ‘enzymatic inhibition. Fat and carb inhibitor will prevent the enzymes from digesting food molecules. Thus, the body will not be able to absorb the macromolecules from food.

Taking in carbs and fat blockers also pose risks. If you are planning to take carb and fat blockers, you must also seek help from a healthcare professional or a doctor.

Always Have a Good Night Sleep

Surprisingly, sleep also influences weight reduction. In recent studies, stress and sleep deprivation are one of the leading causes of obesity. Some hormones affect appetite. Hormones such as leptin and ghrelin can be released whenever you lack sleep. They can intensify your hunger; as a result, you might eat unhealthy foods that have a high number of calories.

Come to think of it; you get to have a more extended hour of sleep, you also get to curb your appetite. See, it’s a win-win situation. Remember that sleeping is also a powerful tool that one can possess.

Be Disciplined For Better Results

Always seat a deadline for yourself and follow it strictly. If you want to lose how many pounds in less than ten days, then you should start right away. Always keep your eye on the prize. If you plan on reducing weight, do not resort to starving yourself because there are other ways aside from sticking up with a diet.

No matter what methods you do, remember to reward yourself after the hardships. However, do not make the rewards too much as it can affect your weight again if you tend to overeat.

The tips stated above cannot stand alone. Researches about weight reduction will be helpful in maintaining your figures. One key takeaway always to live a healthy lifestyle. Whether you take in weight loss drugsor fat and carb inhibitor, never forget to seek the advice of a professional.

Help yourself in the process because everything depends on how well you will stick up with your plans. Stay healthy!