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6 Common Web Development Problems and Solutions



Technology is changing everyday,,in fact it is growing at breakneck speed.Technology brings forth many new opportunities and associated challenges during web application development process.If businesses want to create lasting, successful web applications, they must address these challenges.

Lets focus on the greatest challenges companies are facing today during web development:
These are challenges that you simply can’t ignore if your business wants to create long lasting, successful applications:

1. The integration challenge

Business applications are more diversified today and prefer to live outside the firewall. A modern business might use a SaaS-based CRM system, in-house BI tools, and host their website on the cloud. This may improve the flexibility, but it is still a challenge for web developers to create a web application that can easily integrate with other applications.Thus the challenge they face is not of implementing more features into their application but to create applications that can easily integrate with others.
Each integration point requires understanding the API, coding, testing, and logging to troubleshoot any issues.

2. The saturation challenge

The world is changing very rapidly with each day. Earlier when the App store was first launched, it was the golden period for mobile app development. But with time very few apps have stayed in the App store.Less than 1% of those apps are financially successful.

The same way, web applications market have also become over-saturated. Users have multiple options, so the challenge for app developers is to stand the ground by making something really innovative and useful for the end-user.

3. The user experience challenge

The rise of apps brings with it spoilt users who are looking for simplicity in web applications the same way they find in their mobile counterparts. It’s very easy for an user to move on to another option. If your app is ugly or looks outdated, they will abandon it for a better one.

Thus with you lies the dual challenge of creating a great user experience as well as create a great experience for other developers. If an application confuses users, or doesn’t offer simple integration for developers, it will likely fail.

4. The speed challenge

The attention span for humans is declining fast, making it even less than the goldfish! So the challenge lies in holding on human attention for your website.

Users don’t like slow applications. Research says that 40% of people will abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Think about that!

This puts businesses in a tough spot. Users demand feature-rich applications, which typically run slower. Yet, they will abandon the application if it runs slowly.

Thus Page load times are extremely important for end users to have a great experience, but it is also important in the eyes of Google. Google has included the average page load times into its account and uses it as a factor to select how a site ranks in its search index.

5. The security challenge

Now a days, web application security breaches are very common. According to a study report, at least one serious vulnerability is reported to contain in all web applications. These security threats are causing a big challenge for businesses to keep them up to date beside securing each layer of their web application.
Necessary steps have to be taken to improve business website security and bring in user trust, otherwise users might be too scared to use your site.

Security breaches are on the rise, yet web application security isn’t improving.The fact is, application security is becoming more complex. The challenge for businesses is to  keep up the app to date with evolving application security threats.

6. The talent challenge

With increasing challenge of developing a good web application , the need for developers with good skill sets is also increasing.
Thus the problem for businesses is to find the right talent. They need web developers with modern skills. There is a complete lack of senior talent for project oversight. Companies incur high costs in recruiting contractor talent, or they are unable to staff as and when necessary.


There could be other challenges than the above list, that the website developers face. But the list above contains some of the biggest roadblocks to website development.

Kavya Gajjar is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs which is the best social media marketing services helping global businesses to grow. I would love to share thoughts on dotnetnuke web development.