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6 Advantages of Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets



Breakfast on Bed Sheet

When you talk about the luxurious cotton double bed sheets, Egyptian cotton is the one that holds the gold standard. Many of us consider it as the perfect combination of comfort and luxury in the category of bed linen. There are few advantages of Egyptian cotton that have been discussed below.

No piling

Pilling creates small pills on the fabric that might look unattractive and also uncomfortable while sleeping. It is commonly found in the low-quality sheets that have a lower thread count, but these pills are not found in Egyptian cotton bed sheets. The fibers of Egyptian cotton plants are longer and produces a very little amount of lint which avoids forming piling.

Higher thread count

When quality is taken into consideration, the thread count is a vital element that defines the quality of the sheets. Thread count is the total of warp and weft in a square inch. Higher thread counts mean a higher quality of the fabrics of the bed linens. Egyptian cotton is generally of high quality, partly because of their long staples.

Longest cotton staples

Staple means the length of the cotton fibers. Longer threads mean stronger and longer threads which give more durable fibers. Among all the fibers, Egyptian is the longest one and when combined, it creates an extremely fine yarn which is softer and lustrous than the ordinary cotton fibers.


People who suffer from night sweats and have difficulty sleeping in a hot atmosphere will surely appreciate the breathability of Egyptian cotton double bed sheets. By this, we mean to say that air passes well through these bed sheets, allowing you to rest comfortably during the night.

When this is combined with a mattress that offers a high level of breathability, it is sure to give you the perfect sleep temperature that you have only dreamt off.


If you care properly, Egyptian cotton double bed sheets last longer than other sheets in the market. The tight weave of the fiber actually increases the lifespan of the sheet. Dirt and dust break down the fibers, so, it is recommended to wash the dirty linens every week to remove the dirt and dust from the fabrics.


Though high-quality Egyptian bed sheets are not exactly economical, if it is maintained properly, it can outlast the cheaper fabric bed sheets. It can even last for decades, which in turn requires lesser spend in bed sheets.

These sheets come in various sizes patterns and in combos. Like Cotton double bed sheets, king-size Geometric bed sheets and much more.