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5 Ways You Can Use Business Greeting Cards To Stand Out



If you run a small business, you are likely always looking for ways to help your company stand out. While the digital space is the current marketing darling, there is a strong case for print. Sending out physical items such as business thank you cards could be the answer you need for how to make your business more attention-grabbing. 

Here are five reasons that business greeting cards can be so valuable.

1) Add a Personal Touch

First and foremost, you can add a personal touch to your business dealings. In the modern era, many people do a lot of business via email and over the phone. While this is a great way to improve productivity and grow businesses, it is also very impersonal. It is possible to have a long-term business relationship without ever meeting.

Sending out cards can be a nice way to add a more personal element to your dealings. For example, you could send out some greeting cards to major customers and suppliers during the holiday season. People love getting mail that is something other than bills and spam. A personal card thanking the person for his or her business is a great way to build a deeper relationship.

If you find yourself at a loss for how to create that important personal connection, cards should be on your list. A handwritten card in the mail can work wonders.

2) Drive a Direct Response

While you should be sending out cards to build relationships with your associates, you can achieve a more direct benefit as well. An item in the mail can be one of the best ways to motivate and immediate response. For example, you may be able to increase your sales by sending out some cards.

One way to do this is to add a simple note encouraging the recipient to reach out to you whenever he or she needs something that your business can satisfy. If you sell office supplies, for example, you could write a note like this: “Thank you for your business. Please don’t hesitate to reach out at any time if I can help you with your office supply need.”

This prompt can lead directly to an additional sale. Another option is to include a sales promotion with your card. If you send out holiday cards, consider including information about a holiday discount. Again, this can prompt a new sale.

3) Express Your Gratitude

One of the best ways to use cards is to express your gratitude. There are lots of things in the business world to be thankful for. Not the least of which is someone being your customer. Sales are the lifeblood of every business. It can be worthwhile to tell your customers that you appreciate their business.

This can play a major role in your commitment to customer service. You can go above and beyond being friendly and helpful by also thanking your customers for choosing you. When this is sincere, it can have a major impact on your relationship with customers.

Using business thank you cards is one of the best ways to express your gratitude. Not only is a card an authentic way to show how much you appreciate a customer’s business, but it also is very memorable. Again, receiving direct mail can have a big impact on your customers. This strategy can help to ensure that your business comes to mind when the customer needs to buy again.

4) Make Your Customers Feel Special

Everyone likes to feel welcome and recognized. Sending our greeting cards can help to make your customers feel noticed.

You may think that business buying decisions are purely logical, but this is a mistaken assumption. In fact, people buying for their companies often base their choices largely on the organizations they have the best relationships with. Making your customers feel special helps to build that relationship and encourage them to continue to do business with you.

Better yet, customers that feel recognized are more likely to recommend you to others. Customer testimonials are one of the most effective ways to market your business. The social proof that you can offer significant value will help to convert more leads into customers. Sending out a greeting card from time to time can help to motivate your customers to write reviews and share about your business.

Whether you are selling to businesses or consumers, sending out greeting cards can make a big difference. It is a simple way to make them feel special.

5) Foster Long-Term Repeat Business

Getting new customers is expensive and time-consuming. Often, building long-term, repeat-business relationships with your current customers is the best way to grow a successful company. For all the reasons described above, sending out greeting cards can be an effective way to foster those long-term relationships. Certainly, you need to offer a great product and/or service and offer excellent customer support. However, small acts like sending out cards can help to put your business over the edge in terms of customer perception.

When you have a strong base of loyal repeat customers, you can grow your company more confidently. You have a clearer picture of what your future sales will be. Therefore, you can invest in the growth of your business without fear of a slow month of sales. All these benefits can be yours simply by sending out some greeting cards.

Help Your Business Stand Out Using Cards for Causes

You may be surprised by how much you can achieve with business thank you cards. They are very powerful when used to foster stronger relationships with your customers. A humble card can be the difference between a once-off sale and a lasting customer.

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