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5 Ways To Make Whiskey and Food a Good Combination While Day Tripping




All the wandering souls know what value their drinks and food hold for them. From sipping onto their vintage favorites to trying out new stuff around the place, everything has its beauty. The prominence of alcoholic drinks elevates when you pair them with the right food, so it is essential to understand the flavors of your drink. Every other alcoholic drink out there has its designated food partner. It complements and accompanies them at all parties and trips; there is one that remains lonely at all times. The good old Whiskey.

The thought of pairing Whiskey with food sounds very unusual to the majority of people, but gradually, with the knowledge and help of food connoisseurs, it is growing at a steady pace. Whiskey is known as a solo drink that is consumed on its own and without any food. This very reputation triggered the long practice of not pairing it with any meal. But now with the evolution of food and varieties of Whiskey, it is easier to pair it with food that only enhances its dominant taste. So what should be the ideal food that must be served to complement the glorious taste of Whiskey?

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Panic not! We are here to help you out with some of the best food ideas that you can pair with the whiskey. Whether it is your favorite glass of Bird Dog whiskey or some fine Irish ones, they will successfully taste well with the little bites of food that you can prepare. Here are five ways that you can use to make whiskey and food a suitable combination for your day tripping. The best way to combine whiskey with food is to choose the correct type of food to pair with whiskey, and these tips will help you to do exactly that.

Grilled meat:

If you are wondering what drink to serve with the freshly grilled meats that you have prepared with absolute dedication, then fear not! The golden pair of meat and Whiskey has barely any chance to go wrong. Either it is the deep flavor of Whiskey or the smokiness of scotch, there is nothing that a plate full of meaty grilled delights can’t make better. You don’t even have to put much effort into drowning the carbs in heavy marinations. Simple recipes can equally work their magic to enhance the flavor of your Whiskey. The spicy, sweet, and smoky flavors of your rich Whiskey go beautifully well with tenderly grilled pieces of meat.

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Dried fruits and nuts:

Some easy to munch snacks are a must if you are serving drinks to your guests, and nothing can be better than a handful of dried fruits and nuts. People heavily rely on buying premixed packs of roasted nuts though it is super easy to prepare it yourself at home. Prepare salted peanuts, cashews, roasted almonds, candied figs or raisins beforehand and store them in a container. You are free to carry them for your day trip to munch on with your favorite whiskey. Make sure to pair the sweet nuts with smoky flavored whiskeys, while the salted ones with little sweet flavoring whiskey to savor the goodness of contrasting flavors well.


Cheese might be that one food item that is famous for its brilliant pairing with wines. Though the strong liquor that is Whiskey is not much behind to compete for that place, the exotic combination of cheese and Whiskey has made it safe to say that the food that ages together, sticks very well too. The flavors of a strong cheese have the potential to complement your equally strong amber liquid. On the other hand, sweet-flavored whiskeys go exceptionally well with soft cheeses such as goat cheese or brie. Try to pair your favorite cheese with a neat glass of Whiskey. You will be surprised to know how well it enhances the whole experience of gulping down your favorite drink.

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If Whiskey were to choose a best friend for itself, then the chocolate would undoubtedly win that place. Chocolate and Whiskey are two components that own the most compelling flavors. This very quality does not stop them from complementing each other way too well. Chocolates, especially dark ones, are highly compatible with strongly flavored whiskeys such as bourbon, while sweetened milk chocolates work well with rye whiskey. You are free to experiment with your choices of chocolates and the whiskeys to pair with them. Take a sip of Whiskey first, then bite into your desired type of chocolate and allow it to melt so you can savor the heavenly taste of this pair. Find your unique pairing through experimenting.


Surprisingly, the soothing salinity of seafood works exceptionally well with the rich taste of Whiskey. Particularly the scotch that originates from the coastal regions of Scotland. The scotch has this particular briny and spicy taste that works well with seafood. Salmon, crabs, or delicate oysters, it might sound a little unusual to pair spirits with seafood. Although the creaminess of seafood can get a bit overwhelming, the light flavors that it holds do nothing but enhance the flavors of Whiskey to be the hero of the whole meal. Seafood with Whiskey is known to be the most-underrated paring. You can easily use it as your advantage to amaze the guests with your unusual cooking and pairing skills.

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It is time now to end the long grown history of discrimination against this royal drink. The complex taste of whiskey is the reason behind its hype among alcohol lovers, though people are yet to find its versatility. These are not the only food to pair your drink with, the list is endless, though you can start with these five ways to understand the flavors and what works best with it. Experimenting will lead you to find the best match for your palate, so try and taste everything that accompanies your favorite whiskey well and stick to it.

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